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Siemens iQ300 KG36NXXDC Freestanding 60/40 Fridge Freezer, 60cm Wide, Black Stainless Steel

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H186 x W60 x D66cm

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Ideal for those who want to cut down on time spent food shopping, this 324L fridge freezer from Siemens is packed full of clever cooling and freezing technology that'll keep food fresher for longer. Designed with frost free technology and various storage options, it's a great size for anyone who wants to get creative in the kitchen.

More room for your groceries
You won't have a problem fitting your groceries into the KG36NXXDC. The fridge has a capacity of 237L , a salad crisper drawer that'll keep your fruit and veg fresh and tasty and four shelves to store chilled favourites. The 87L freezer also offers three drawers to accommodate your frozen goods, with clear front panels to make checking on your food easy.

The frost free design saves you work & energy
The freezer features a frost-free design, meaning that you don't need to spend time manually defrosting it. This also has the benefit of preserving the available storage space by restricting ice from building up.

FreshSense maintains a constant temperature
Clever FreshSense sensors monitor and control the fridge to ensure a constant temperature independent of how warm it is in your kitchen. Creating optimum storage conditions, Ice cream, for instance, is neither too soft nor too hard and your chilled food keeps its freshness and flavour for longer.

Fast Freeze protects frozen loads
Your frozen items are always protected too, as the handy fast freeze function rapidly freezes your groceries as soon as you pop them in the drawers � so say goodbye to melted ice cream when you return from the supermarket.

hyperFresh drawers keep fresh food in optimal conditons fresher for longer
The hyperFresh drawers ensure that meat, fish, fruit, veg (or whatever's on the menu) stays fresh for considerably longer. It'll stay 2-4 �C degrees cooler than the rest of the fridge, and you can even control the humidity to keep everything fresh and crisp for longer.

easyAccess shelves puts everything within easy reach
For more convenience when adding and removing groceries, the shelves are on profile rails, meaning you can pull them out to the middle for an optimal view of what's inside. plus, they're tilt-proof, so you can pull them all the way out even when fully loaded.

LED Temperature Display
The adjustable temperature display lets you take full control of the storage conditions of your food. The LED display relays feedback about the current temperature and functions selected, and you'll be able to adjust everything at the touch of a button.

Holiday mode
Saving you money and energy whilst you're away, this handy setting maintains the internal temperature of the fridge at an economical 15�C, preventing the formation of odours and mould in your absence.

Audible Temperature Alarm
In case you've forgotten to shut your appliance's door, an alarm will sound to let you know that the door has been opened too long.

LED lighting
Energy-efficient LED lights illuminate every corner of the fridge, without any glare. They use less electricity than conventional fridge lights and last the lifetime of the appliance.

Reversible door hinge optimises space
A reversible door gives you extra flexibility when planning the layout of your kitchen, as you're not restricted on where you place the refrigerator in your home.

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