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Siemens iQ700 EX879FVC1E Induction Hob, Stainless Steel


The size of the space needed for the hob to fit

Installation measurements: 750 mm x 490m. Min. worktop thickness: 30 mm.

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Induction cooking gives almost instant heat that's generated directly in your cookware, allowing you to precisely control the temperature at which you cook. The iQ700 EX879FVC1E Induction Hob from Siemens boasts power, versatility and convenience, making it a valuable addition in any kitchen.

Pots and pans come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, so thanks to flexInduction, you have the flexibility to adjust your cooktop to match. As well as 2 traditionally arranged cooking zones, the EX879FVC1E also comes with an induction zone that can be joined to create a single large zone. Your cookware can then be positioned anywhere within this area and still receive quick, even heat.

What's more, fryingSensor detects and maintains the desired pan temperature and holds it steady to avoid scorching, while the powerBoost function increases power by up to 50%, saving almost 35% of the time it would normally take to heat up pots or cook large quantities.

Additional features:

  • TouchSlider that allows convenient control over hob temperature
  • Timer with cooking zone shut-off
  • Digital display
  • ReStart function
  • 17 power levels
  • Energy Consumption Display

Please note: there should be a minimum height clearance of 65cm between an electric hob and the cooker hood above it.

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