Buy Siemens KI86VVF30G Integrated 60/40 Fridge Freezer, Fixed Door Hinge, A++ Energy Rating, 56cm Wide, White Online at

Siemens KI86VVF30G Integrated 60/40 Fridge Freezer, Fixed Door Hinge, A++ Energy Rating, 56cm Wide, White


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The KI86VVF30G from Siemens is a tall fridge freezer unit with plenty of capacity. With easyAccess glass shelving, loading it is easy and you can see where all your food items are at a glance. With an A++ energy rating it’s easy on the environment and running costs, and it’s fitted with new integrated long-lasting LED lights that are flush in the side walls or ceiling and illuminate the interior uniformly and perfectly. Electronic temperature control lets you set the target temperature clearly and easily.

This fridge also features varioZone, which lets you organise the space as you need it. All freezer drawers and glass shelves can be removed, so you can alter the fridge to suit you. In addition to varioZone, this unit has the bigBox – an extra-large storage box in the freezer that lets you store big items such as a whole leg of lamb or the Christmas ham. If you need an even larger space, all the drawers and shelves can be easily removed from the freezer compartment, so you can use the entire freezer space.

As well as large amounts of flexible storage space, the KI86VVF30G has shatterproof and easy to clean safetyGlass shelves. They are very strong, and if something tips over in the fridge, the spillage is contained and does not spill into the rest of the refrigerator compartment.

This great Siemens appliance is completed by two special cooling features. Refrigerators use more power when ice and frost have formed, but thanks to the innovative lowFrost technology, there is less icing and defrosting is much faster than in conventional systems.

To prevent your frozen food thawing when placing large quantities of new food in the freezer, this fridge also has the superFreeze function. Just push the button before going shopping. The appliance will then automatically cool down to a temperature as cold as –30 °C so that newly stored foods do not interrupt the freezing process.

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