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Siemens MB557G5S0B Built-In Double Oven, Black



H88.8 x W59.4 x D55.0cm

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Transform your kitchen with the modern, sleek MB557G5S0B Built-In Double Oven from Siemens. Not only will your kitchen look amazing, you’ll have a state-of-the-art oven for quicker, better cooking.

The white display features blue indicator handles, you can easily open the oven with the bar handle and with lightControl, you can intuitively operate the oven thanks to the illuminated dials.

The main lower oven offers 71 litres of capacity with an interior halogen light. The smooth enamelled oven interior features removable wire shelf support rails. The secondary oven offers 34 litres of capacity.

The MB557G5S0B is packed with a range of features.

hotAir - Enjoy the very tastiest baking results on up to 2 baking sheets thanks to optimal heat distribution with hotAir.

softClose - Enjoy a gentle closure with softClose, it cushions the closing process so quietly that you can continue to cook without being disturbed.

fast preheat: shorten your cooking time thanks to fast preheat.

7 heating methods: 3D hot air, conventional top & bottom heating, hot air grilling, full width grill, Pizza setting, bottom heat, Hotair gentle.

Grey enamel interior: the high quality, durable coating makes for easier cleaning.

ecoClean Plus: the special coating of the rear and side wall and the roof that automatically absorbs grime and regeneration programme for effortless cleaning.

cookControl10: use the automatic programs for the best results.

roastingSensor: simple, reliable roasting for those big meals.

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