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Siemens SN258I06TG Freestanding Dishwasher with Home Connect, Silver

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H84.5cm x W60cm x D60cm

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Boasting an outstanding A+++ for energy efficiency and a range of convenient features, the SN258I06TG Freestanding Dishwasher from Siemens is sure to be a welcome helping hand in the kitchen, without being a burden on your energy bills.

Flexible loading
The SN258I06TG offers total flexibility with varioFlex Pro and varioDrawer Pro. The top basket can be adjusted between 3 height positions and contains 6 foldable plate racks, 2 foldable cup shelves and 2 foldable cup racks. Similarly, the bottom basket holds 8 foldable plate racks, 2 foldable cup racks, 2 foldable cup shelves and a glass rack, all of which make loading and unloading effortless.

BrilliantShine with Zeolith drying
The Zeolith drying system converts moisture stored in the unit into energy to quickly help dry your dishes, so you can take them from the appliance and straight back into cupboards. This method of drying also helps conserve energy without compromising on performance thanks to brilliantShine - an additional feature that will leave your glasses crystal clear.

iQdrive motor
Siemens' iQdrive motor allows the SN258I06TG to perform quietly, quickly and efficiently while delivering impressive results. It also runs virtually free from wear.

This useful feature makes sure your detergent is completely dissolved for a more effective wash by releasing it into a special tray on top of the basket and mixing it into the cycle.

Home connect
Giving you the power to control your dishwasher even when you're not home, Home Connect is a new way of living. By connecting your smartphone or tablet to the SN258I06TG, you can intuitively begin the washing cycle when you're away from the kitchen. The Home Connect app comes with a range of additional features such as appliance tutorials and tips, recipe ideas and information on the status of your dishwasher.

Additional features:

  • HydroDry hygienic and efficient drying
  • Automatic detergent-aware system
  • HydroSensor and LoadSensor
  • Black touch controls
  • EmotionLight blue interior illumination


  • Intensive 70°C
  • Auto 45-65°C
  • Eco 50°C
  • Silence 50°C
  • Short 60°C
  • Glass 40°C
  • Quick 45°C
  • Pre-rinse
  • Remote Start
  • IntensiveZone
  • VarioSpeed

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