Siemens SN636X00KG Integrated Dishwasher, Black



H81.5cm x W59.8cm x D55cm

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The SN636X00KG dishwasher from Siemens is packed with innovative technologies, and features varioSpeed Plus. For those in a hurry varioSpeed Plus provides up to 3 times faster dishwashing and drying.

It’s a very energy efficient appliance with a rating of A++, and it’s space-efficient as well thanks to the varioFlex rack & varioDrawer. Whether you want to load tall glasses on top, or large plates on the bottom, you can easily accommodate large dishware by adjusting the height of the top basket.

Clever technologies include the infoLight, which shines a blue light on the kitchen floor when running, and goes out when the washing and drying cycle is over. At the press of a button you can also activate the autoProgramme, which controls the entire dishwashing process for brilliant results.

The aquaStop safety system prevents water damage of any kind, whether in the supply hose or from a leak in the machine.

This releases the full strength of the detergent by catching the cleaning tablet in small catch pan. A precisely aimed jet of water quickly dissolves it and the detergent is distributed evenly throughout the machine, always guaranteeing optimum cleaning results for you.

If you have a lot of plastic dishes, the extraDry programme uses higher temperatures for drying and extends the drying phase, so every plastic item will be dried perfectly.

The glassCare System consists of glass protection technology, a special gentle programme, and a heat exchanger so your glassware is washed with the greatest of care.

This increases the water spraying pressure for very dirty dishes in the lower rack. In the upper rack the programme remains unchanged and delicate dishes are still gently cleaned.

iQdrive motor
The iQdrive motor provides lower energy consumption but with identical performance, and short programme times with optimum results. Whatever programme it’s used with, it’s always nice and quiet.

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