OLED vs QLED: What is the difference?

Qled Vs Oled

QLED vs OLED: Whats the difference?

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Most modern TVs use LED displays (light emitting diodes) to act as a source of light behind the screen and use an LCD (liquid crystal display) to control where light is shown on your TV. Premium TVs use two differing technologies to enhance your viewing experience: QLED and OLED.

What is the difference between an OLED and QLED tv? This is a popular question and one we have chosen to answer with a comparative and informative table composed from helpful bullet points

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Quantum dot light emitting diode

QLED TVs use Quantum dots to create a broad colour spectrum, similar to the colour and brightness that we experience in real life.

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QLED TV's are illuminated by LED backlights delivering 100% colour volume to enable the TV to maintain colour accuarcy from the darkest  black through to the brightest whites and colours

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QLED TVs have the highest peak brightness, allowing them to deliver the most accurate HDR pictures with a 10 year screen burn warranty included

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QLED TVs have been designed for use in all lighting conditions with technology to help absorb or redirect external light to reduce the reflections


Organic light emitting diodes

Using organic materials, OLED TVs have pixels that work independently from one another and individually light up based on when they need to be used.

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OLED TVs have no backlight, which helps create deeper blacks that are not compromised by a light from behind the screen.

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OLEDs support HDR too and because the pixels can be turned on and off indiviually, motion on screen is smooth even during fast moving scenes.

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Since OLED screens don't have a backlight, the sets are the thinnest on the market.

Both technologies offer sensational picture quality, with improved overall viewing experiences to standard LED TVs. QLED TV’s have a wider colour spectrum and can achieve a higher brightness level, OLED TVs can control each individual pixel, which allows it to display the deepest blacks without any backlight distortion. If you would like to experience both for yourself, visit your local John Lewis & Partners to help make your choice.

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