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Speedo Woven Border Towel, Pink

Speedo Woven Border Towel, Pink

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70 x 140cm
100% cotton
Sport & Fitness Activity

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Speedo has a long and impressive history dating back to the early 20th century when the company was created in Australia in response to a growing beach culture down under. Since the birth of the brand, Speedo have always made headlines thanks to the style and the performance of their swimwear.

Speedo dominate competitive swimming with a staggering history in relation to the Olympic Games. Since the 1950s Speedo have had a powerful connection with Olympic athletes, culminating in the Beijing Olympic Games where 92% of all swimming medals were won by athletes wearing Speedo swimwear.

Speedo use the ground-breaking technology they develop for athletes in their commercial ranges to give you a competitive edge and a more enjoyable swimming experience. For example, the Endurance range is developed to be chlorine resistant so you won’t have to replace your swimwear time and again.

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  • Buy Speedo Woven Border Towel, Pink Online at
  • Buy Speedo Woven Border Towel, Pink Online at
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