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Children's Shoe Style
Pre Walker Shoes
Main Shoe Material
Leather Upper

Brand information

Start-rite Start-rite's history dates back to 18th century Norwich, where a leather worker called James Smith began offering the first ready-made, off the peg footwear. Following the First World War, the company began to produce footwear specially designed for children, which gave their unique feet room to grow. The name "Start-rite" was first used in the 1920s and the iconic twins logo was introduced a decade later. Start-rite began to focus primarily on children's shoes in 1952 and after extensive research they noted the need for shoes to be fitted by trained people, developed multiple width fittings and introduced their "heel stiffener" to help balance and growth. They received the Royal Warrant in 1955 after supplying the Windsor children with shoes. In recent years they have evolved to use two hundred years expertise to meet the needs and desires of today's children. More from Start-rite


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