1. Spider-Man
Available from the web - of course! - this cool full face mask and body suit make them look like Peter Parker, albeit without clambering up walls or slinging
spider’s webs.

When I grow up I want to be...

Pirate? Princess? Superhero? Doctor?  Whatever their ambitions are when they get a little older, our
dressing-up costumes will make them feel the part and bring hours of fun, imaginative play. They’re great for fancy dress parties too.

2. Princess & Pauper
You shall go to the ball! Transform from a humble maid to a stunning princess simply by reversing the dress.  One minute you’re a downtrodden Cinders, the next a
beautiful princess.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

3. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle
Whether they love Leonardo or rave about Raphael, with the appropriate mask and chosen weapon they’ll soon be fighting crime and eating pizza (maybe just the
last bit).

4. Doctor
The doctor will see you now. This set includes a stethoscope for a proper examination - and a face mask for when you have
to operate!

5. Medieval Soldier
The castle is under siege so send for your fiercest soldier! With a pointed sword, chain mail tunic and protective helmet, your stormin’ Norman will defend it to the hilt.

6. Marie Antoinette
This opulent and decadent dress, in cerise satin with exquisite flower and bow trims will turn a few eyes at any French court. Let them eat cake!

7. Pirate Captain
Shiver me timbers! This fine lookin’ outfit is perfect for any treasure seekin’ buccaneer out for an adventure on the high seas. Parrot optional.

8. Ladybird
If they’ve been bugging you for a new costume this might be on your antennae. In red and black with removable wings they’ll knock spots off other insects.

9. Hulk
Go green and bulk up as the Hulk. In this padded suit you’ll be able to save the world as one of the Avengers. Just try and control your temper!

10. Frilly Milly
Glamorous girls will clamour for this gorgeous ball gown. Comprising a layered skirt in pink, finished off with a super soft feather boa, all that’s needed is a grand staircase to float down.