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Leehurst Swan School Girls' Years 4 - 6 Summer Uniform

£6.00 - £45.00


The complete girls' summer uniform for Years 4-6 of Leehurst Swan School.

The following pieces are compulsory items of uniform:

  • Maroon/White summer dress
  • Cream boater
  • Maroon hat band
  • Maroon cardigan

Schoolwear Size Guide
Schoolwear Size Guide

Advice on choosing schoolwear, including measuring your child

Girls' Untrimmed Boater

Girls' Untrimmed Boater


Product code : 53454120

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John Lewis V-Neck School Cardigan

John Lewis V-Neck School Cardigan, Maroon

£10.00 - £15.00

Product code : 53725901

Rated an average of 3.7143/5 7 Reviews

Colour :


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Girls' School Summer Dress, Maroon/White

Girls' School Summer Dress

£36.00 - £45.00

Product code : 54326201

Rated an average of 1.0/5 1 Review

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