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Stoves SEB602MFC Built-In Single Electric Oven, Black



H59.67 x W59.55 x D55.58cm

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Has an even temperature throughout for consistent cooking


Smooth surface to stop spillages from sticking so you can wipe clean

The stylish A-rated Stoves SEB602MFC single electric oven achieves perfect results every time, thanks to the multifunction capabilities of this oven. There are 9 functions providing effortless cooking, while the fan grill will ensure your roasts are cooked to perfection, both on the insides and out.

The open door grilling allows the air to circulate freely as it grills your food to perfection. Lined with easy clean enamel, the main cavity is easy to maintain, as the lining resists cooked on food and spills for supremely easy cleaning.

A halogen light provides optimum illumination of the oven interior so you can see clearly through the viewing window without having to open the oven door. Halogen is a superior choice for ovens, as it provides up to 36% more light while using over 20% less energy than a standard bulb.


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