thirsti Puck Hydration Coach

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thirsti Puck Hydration Coach

thirsti Puck Hydration Coach

Product description

Product code: 85957401

Your own personal hydration coach, the thirsti Puck sits inside your water bottle and reminds you when and how much to drink to keep hydrated. It'll even glow when it's time to drink. Ingenious pressure sensing technology keeps track of how much water you've consumed. It's super light at 25g, and is dishwasher safe.

Connect to your smartphone with the thirsti app (iOS only) and you'll get phone notifications to remind you to drink.

Getting the most from your thirsti Puck:
The Puck Works best with bottles with flip-open lids. Bottles with pull-out mouthpieces may create a vacuum in the bottle, which may impact the accuracy of the Puck's readings. Makre sure you fill your bottle at least half-way when refilling it - the Puck will flash to register this - for the most accurate readings.

Product specification
W3.5 x H3.5 x D1.2cm