Buy Zanussi ZWF71463W Washing Machine, 7kg Load, A+++ Energy Rating, 1400rpm Spin, White Online at

Zanussi ZWF71463W Washing Machine, 7kg Load, A+++ Energy Rating, 1400rpm Spin, White

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H85 x W60 x D52cm

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The Zanussi ZWF71463W washing machine has a 7kg capacity, so you can wash a large amount of laundry at once and save your valuable time. PowerJet Technology
This feature ensures the detergent dispenser is always clean using jets of water, so you always get the best performance from your washing machine.

FinishIn function
You’ll be able to plan your laundry more effectively with the FinishIn function, which offers more flexibility so you can plan your washing around your daily schedule.

For even detergent distribution, the AquaFall water spray system pre-mixes the water with the detergent so that your clothes are washed with a more concentrated solution to get better results.

With QuickWash, you can reduce the wash time by up to 50%, perfect for when you need a clean outfit in a hurry.

QuickStart 30’@30°
Wash your clothes in just 30 minutes with this function.

Refresh 20min
This function is ideal for washing smaller and lightly soiled loads.

21 programmes
To ensure you get great results every time, the machine offers a choice of 21 different wash programmes, so you’ll be able to easily use the optimum settings for each load.

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