Buy AEG SCE8191VTS Integrated 70/30 Fridge Freezer, Sliding Door Hinge, A+ Energy Rating, 54cm Wide, White Online at

AEG SCE8191VTS Integrated 70/30 Fridge Freezer, Sliding Door Hinge, A+ Energy Rating, 54cm Wide, White


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Energy rating

283 L


holds 17 shopping bags


Fridge shelves

The SCE8191VTS integrated fridge freezer from AEG is an extra tall, MaxiLoad unit that holds 15% more than a standard built-in fridge freezer, for both optimal storage and perfect integration.

It maximises every inch of space within its 283 litre total capacity. The extra large salad drawers with humidity control have dividers so that fruit and vegetables can be separated, keeping them fresher for longer. 3 full width and 2 half depth glass shelves provide easy storage, and they’re made of strong and durable safety glass that can safely hold heavier items, and are easy to clean. There is also a full-width covered dairy compartment.

Pioneering TwinTech technology provides exceptional freshness and ensures your produce is stored at the optimum temperature and humidity levels. One cooling system chills the freezer, keeping it no frost. The other cools the fridge, ensuring that the fridge temperature is cold, stable and has the correct level of humidity.

As it’s a NoFrost appliance you’ll never need to defrost your freezer again. NoFrost freezers also offer efficient and effective freezing with quicker, more even freezing for better food preservation.

DynamicAir technology maintains the airflow inside the fridge, ensuring consistent temperature at every shelf. This helps prevent warm zones while prohibiting bacteria growth, so that your ingredients stay nice and fresh.

The internal LED lighting produces a brighter light, which shines evenly across the whole space. Plus, LED technology is smaller and more energy efficient providing more space inside and lower energy bills.

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