Arthur Price Old English Cutlery Set, 44 Piece/6 Place Settings

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The classic Old English design has a timeless elegance that will never look out of place, featuring a distinctive 'pip' on the handle exclusive to John Lewis. This Old English stainless steel 44 piece cutlery set follows in a long tradition of culinary distinction and enjoyment, with its weighted balance and luminous shine. The distinctive ‘pip’ seen on the front of the fork handle appears on the reverse of the spoon, a nod to the Georgian era's inclination for placing spoons face down on the table.

This magnificent 44-piece cutlery set is in a classic Old English design with a timeless elegance that will never look out of place. Evolved from Parish patterns popular in the 1750s, this range has been designed with balance, weight and timeless poise.

Exclusive to John Lewis, this range features a distinctive 'pip' on the handles to complement any table setting. The 'pip' is on the front handles but on the reverse of the spoons, as a nod to the Georgian era inclination for placing spoons face down on the table. With parts sourced from Asia, our Arthur Price products are finished in Sheffield, England from the highest grade sovereign stainless steel.

  • Knives have hollow handles, offering a more desirable balance when held in the hand (bolsters also ground down and polished to ensure a seamless transition from handle to blade)
  • Knives with smooth blades, enforcing premium quality
  • Extra polishing throughout the manufacturing process adds more shine

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Worth knowing: By law, we are not permitted to sell a knife or blade to any person under the age of 18. Criminal Justice Act 1988 (as amended). Offensive Weapons Act 2019.

Product specification
Arthur Price
Care instructions
Prolonged contact with water or a damp atmosphere should be avoided. Dry your cutlery as quickly as possible using a soft cloth. Avoid using scouring pads or abrasive sponges.
Stainless Steel
Table Fork: L20.7cm, Table Knife: L24cm, Dessert Fork: L18cm, Dessert Knife: L21.5cm, Soup Spoon: L17.4cm, Dessert Spoon: L18.9cm, Teaspoon: L13.4cm, Serving Spoon: L20.7cm
Dishwasher Safe
Lifetime guarantee included
Handle Type
Stainless Steel
Made in the UK
Table Fork (6), Table Knife (6), Dessert Fork (6), Dessert Knife (6), Soup Spoon (6), Dessert Spoon (6), Teaspoon (6), Serving Spoon (2)
Place Settings
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Brand information
Arthur Price

Bringing you the art of cutlery and silverware since 1902, Arthur Price has over 100 years of experience in designing and manufacturing luxury cutlery and tableware.

Before founding the company Arthur Price spent 20 years working for other flatware companies around Birmingham. During this time he honed his skills, learnt about the flatware trade and began collecting second-hand machinery so he could start his own business with the family front room as his workshop.

As the business grew a factory was acquired and by 1911 products were being exported overseas, and were even supplied to the HMS Titanic. By the early 1920s Arthur Price had become the first company to products chromium-plate spoons and forks, which soon became stainless steel, and as a mark of their confidence and commitment to quality the company was also the first to provide guarantees against their products.

The business remains in the Price family, with the techniques of the trade being perfected over four generations. What hasn’t changed is the family ethos of putting quality design and craftsmanship over everything. These values are clear in all the collections available today.

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