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Buying the best coffee machine

Whether you're a casual coffee drinker or an expert in espresso, we have the ideal coffee machine for your home.

What sort of coffee machine do I need?

Different coffee machine types:

Filter machines

If you...

  • Like American-style coffee
  • Want to make a pot of coffee
  • Need a machine that’s cheap to run

Then opt for a filter machine because...

  • They make no-frills black coffee
  • They’re suited to making more than one cup for large households
  • They’re great value and easy to use
Filter Coffee Machine


If you prefer to buy whole beans, we also stock a range of coffee grinders

Pod machines

If you...

  • Are pushed for time in the mornings
  • Like to make a variety of hot drinks
  • Want something compact and high-tech

Then choose a pod machine because...

  • They are quick to work: simply pop in a pod, press the button and out comes your espresso
  • They are multi-functional
  • Their size is ideal for worktops and 1-2 people
  • Smart coffee machines are compatible with a mobile app for ordering on the go
Pod Coffee Machine


Pods should be recycled if possible; Nespresso offers a convenient drop-off service. Remember to totally empty the pod of all grounds and rinse it clean before placing in the recycling bag

Pump machines

If you...

  • Are an espresso purist
  • Want silky handmade coffee

Then try a pump machine because...

  • You can grind, tamp and craft your own coffee
  • They are traditionally made and manually or automatically operated
Pump Coffee Machine
Bean-to-cup machines

If you...

  • Are a coffee aficionado
  • Want a barista experience at home
  • Want a machine that makes everything from cappuccino to americano
  • Are after something that’s great for dinner parties

Then consider a bean-to-cup machine because...

  • They’re excellent quality
  • They grind whole coffee beans to make fresh, barista-style coffee
  • These machines offer the easiest way to make multiple coffee styles, pleasing everyone
Bean To Cup Coffee Machine


These machines require extra attention when cleaning to prevent blockages or damage and avoid costly repairs

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Features to look out for

Automatic and manual milk frothers

A milk frother heats and froths milk for creamy lattes, cappuccinos and more. Automatic frothers do this within the machine, while manual frothers have a tube coming out of the machine that you can use to do it yourself.


Frothers will froth almost any type of milk, except rice milk

Bar pressure

Look for 15-19 bar as the optimum bar pressure. This is essential for steam to meet the coffee granules at the right speed; too slow and it can result in bitter espresso.


To achieve an excellent flavour, it's important that you brew coffee at the right temperature. A thermoblock heats water using a pump.


Coffee is at its best brewed at around 93°C, which is why no coffee machines have 'extra hot’ settings


This holds the coffee granules and should be kept warm. Basic models have aluminium holders, while more expensive models have brass ones that retain heat for longer.


Most machines have a mechanical valve to control water flow. Top-of-the-range machines have solenoid valves, which increase water pressure and shut off as soon as you finish the extraction.


The higher the wattage, the faster the water is heated: useful if you’re making several espresso at once.

Smart technology

Some machines can connect to an app on your smartphone or tablet, so you can order your coffee from bed or as you're on the way home.

Extra coffee pods

Some of our pod machines have pods included. When you run out, shop coffee pods here. Waitrose stocks a variety of different brands, compatible with Nespresso, Lavazza and Tassimo machines.

To enhance your barista experience, visit our Nespresso Boutiques at Peter Jones on Sloane Square and John Lewis Kingston for a wide selection of pods, a tasting bar and the Nespresso capsule recycling service.


Bring the barista experience into your home with accessories that will complement your coffee machine.

Coffee grinder

If you have a filter machine, you might need a...

coffee grinder

to expertly grind your beans to your preferred fineness

capsule stand

If you own a pod machine, you might like a...

capsule stand

to keep your pods neat and tidy

Milk Frother

If your machine doesn’t have an automatic frother, it’s worth investing in a...

milk frother

to add the perfect finishing touch to your coffee


Freezing your ground coffee or beans isn’t the best way to keep them fresh: instead, place in an opaque and airtight container and store in a cool, dry place

Delivery options

We offer a range of delivery options.

Free standard delivery

If you spend £50 or more on a coffee machine, we offer free Standard delivery to your home.

Click & Collect

If you’d prefer to pick up your new machine in store, use Click & Collect from John Lewis and Waitrose. It’s free on orders of £30 and over.

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Our rewards credit card gives you 1.25% back in points towards vouchers when you shop with us.

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