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Whatever your audio needs, our headphones guide takes you through types and technology to help you find the right pair.

Types of headphones

Choose your new headphones based on the kinds of situations in which you'll use them

Wired or wireless?

Wired models are ideal for most situations, including working and home entertainment – especially when you don’t need to move around much.
Or if you need more flexibility and want to avoid tangles, wireless headphones free your movement.

In ear

If you…

  • Are a frequent traveller or commute daily
  • Have a lower budget

Then consider in-ear headphones because they’re...

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to store
  • Immersive and noise-cancelling, as they insert directly into the ear canal
  • Come as standard with many smartphones
In Ear Headphones

On ear

If you…

  • Commute by bike
  • Have sensitive ears
  • Want headphones that are more compact

Then consider on-ear headphones because they…

  • Feature flat ear pads rather than cupping ears completely, so you can maintain greater awareness of your surroundings
  • Deliver excellent sound
  • Ensure sensitive ears aren’t overwhelmed
On Ear Headphones

Over ear

If you…

  • Want fully immersive sound
  • Will be listening for hours
  • Have more room to transport headphones

Then consider over-ear headphones because they…

  • Have larger ear cups that fully enclose the ear
  • Offer greater comfort for longer useInclude models with high resolution audio for excellent quality sound
  • Offer some models with noise cancelling and sound isolationHave options in iconic or eye-catching colours
Over Ear Headphones

Around ear

If you…

  • Want to listen as you work out
  • Need a snug fit

Then consider around ear headphones because they…

  • Are designed to clip securely in place over your ears
  • Free up your movement
Around Ear Headphones


If you…

  • Love gaming
  • Have regular video calls or meetings
  • Voice-to-text dictation

Then consider around ear headphones because they…

  • Feature built-in microphones for two-way communication
  • Offer good audio quality
Headsets Headphones
On Ear Headphones


Find out which specialist technology suits your audio needs


These models have microphones built into the headphones, then produce signals that reverse outside noises and cancel them out. They're especially good for travellers and commuters, allowing you to enjoy clear audio without having to turn the volume up too high

Noise reduction

Also known as sound isolating, or noise isolating, these block sounds using a seal on the ear bud that is pressed against the ear


 These headphones use bluetooth technology, allowing you to listen to audio without tangling wires. It works at close range

Fast charging

This feature charges wireless headphones more quickly, so you always have playlists to hand

High Resolution Audio

A high-end feature for true audiophiles, offering exceptional clarity, warm bass and absorbing treble. Works best with high-quality audio files

Surround Sound

Sound comes from all directions to give you an immersive listening experience


Many headphones arrive with built-in mics that make them ideal for gaming communication and phone calls


This feature is great for those who are active, as it provides protection from rain and sweat for maximum performance

Active? Look out for these additional features designed for working out:

  • LED lighting that keeps you more visible when running at night
  • a heartbeat monitor to track your workout intensity
  • moisture wicking.


Ensure your headphones stay in excellent condition with these tips

- When you get your headphones, read the manual or quick start guides before use

- Store your headphones in a clean, dust-free environment and don’t expose them to high temperatures

- Avoid damp contact with buttons, slots or plugs

- Use a soft cloth to clean your headphones – no cleaning products or solvents

- If you have in-ear headphone,s use a dry cloth to clean them

- Ear adapters can be removed and should be cleaned regularly

- If they’re looking damaged or worn, replace them

- Avoid extreme cable bending and be cautious when cleaning the cable