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School Uniform Buying Guide

School Uniform

The secret to successful school uniform shopping is preparation.
Our guide will help you navigate sizing, and offers advice on what to buy; plus, our school uniform checklist is a handy reference.

Choosing school clothes

Choosing school clothes

Here are some tips when you’re finding new school clothes:

  • Measure your child beforehand, then use our measuring chart below to find out their clothing size
  • Remember to have a list of the school's requirements to hand – our school uniform checklist might come in handy for this
  • Allow for growth: when you're buying shirts, make sure you can fit two fingers inside the fastened collar
  • Choose simple styles with easy fastenings for younger children
  • Order name tapes in advance, so you'll have time to sew them on before the beginning of term
  • Don't leave it too late, particularly if you think you might need clothes altered or made to order
  • Good quality school clothes will give you years of wear and can often be handed on to a younger brother or sister, so don't economise on quality
  • If you need school-specific uniform in a bespoke size, we'll be happy to order it for you. Please visit the John Lewis that's allocated to your school and ask a Partner for more details about our Special Measure service. Remember to leave plenty of time before term begins, as orders can take up to 14 weeks to complete
  • Ask for advice: our Partners will be happy to help you

Why choose our school uniforms?


Our ingenious designs, fabric protection and clever finishing touches mean each piece is designed to last, look great and make cleaning and maintenance easy.

100% cotton

  • Kinder on the skin for those suffering with allergies
Reinforced seams and knees 
  • Our school trousers also feature hidden patches to the inside of knees, adding strength and reducing the risk of ripping
Adjustable waists
  • On trousers, shorts and skirts – perfect for growth spurts and extra comfortable for active kids.

Easy-iron shirts & blouses

  • The blended polyester in this range delivers an easy iron solution
  • The fabric prevents creasing, helping them keep their school uniform looking smarter for longer

Teflon® EcoElite fabric protection

  • Plant-based and renewably sourced, Teflon® EcoElite protection means stains and spills clean up quickly and easily, and fabrics retain their colour and quality

Durable footwear

  • Made  from premium full grain leather, our school shoes remain uncoated, making them breathable, strong and durable
  • Micro-fresh insoles help keep the shoes fresher for longer


  • The innovative Eco Blazer is made from recycled plastic bottles, which reduces the amount of plastic going to landfill
  • We support the Better Cotton initiative and use the BCI logo on swing tags and product packaging to show that we are committed to sourcing Better Cotton and investing in BCI farmers
  • All our organic cotton school shirts are certified to GOTS (the Global Organic Textile Standard)

Long-lasting colours & whites

  • Special dyes ensure colours will stay bright, darks stay dark and whites will stay white, wash after wash.
School shoes

Measuring guidelines

Not sure how to measure up? These images and notes will help.

Childrens wear size guide boy
Childrens wear size guide girl

Measure from the top of the head down to the ground - make sure the child is barefoot with their heels together and feet flat on the floor.

Place the tape measure around the fullest part of the bottom.

Take the tape through the arms and around the fullest part of the chest.

Inside leg
Measure with shoes on to approximately 5cm above the ground.

Place the tape measure around the natural waistline, taking care not to pull it too tightly.

Place the tape measure around the base of the neck where the collar usually sits, again taking care not to pull the tape too tightly as it is important to have a little extra room around the neck.

Size table


These sizes are approximate and may vary between styles

Boys school uniform
            REGULAR LONG
3 53.5cm / 21in 98cm / 38.5in 30.5cm / 12in 51cm / 20in 52cm / 20.4in 42.5cm / 16.75in 47.5cm / 18.75in
4 55.5cm / 22in 104cm / 41in 31cm / 12in 52cm / 20.5in 54cm / 21.2in 45.5cm / 18in 50.5cm / 19.75in
5 58.5cm / 23in 110cm / 43.25in 31.5cm / 12.5in 54.5cm / 21.5in 56cm / 22in 48.5cm / 19in 53.5cm / 21in
6 60cm / 23.5in 116cm / 45.5in 32.5cm / 12.75in 55.5cm / 21.75in 58cm / 22.8in 52cm / 20.5in 57cm / 22.5in
7 62cm / 24.5in 122cm / 48in 33cm / 13in 56.5cm / 22.75in 60cm / 23.6in 55.5cm / 21.75in 60.5cm / 23.75in
8 64cm / 25in 128cm / 50.5in 33.5cm / 13in 58cm / 23in 62cm / 24.4in 59cm / 23.25in 64cm / 25in
9 66.5cm / 26in 134cm / 52.75in 34cm / 13.25in 60cm / 23.5in 64cm / 21.5in 62.5cm / 24.5in 67.5cm / 26.5in
10 69cm / 27in 140cm / 55in 35cm / 13.25in 62cm / 24.5in 66cm / 25.9in 66cm / 26in 71cm / 28in
11 73.5cm / 29in 146cm / 57.5in 36cm / 13.75in 64.5cm / 25.25in 69cm / 27.1in 69.5cm / 27.25in 74.5cm / 29.75in
12 78.5cm / 31in 152cm / 60in 37cm / 14in 67cm / 26.25in 75cm / 29.5in 73cm / 28.75in 78cm / 30.75in
13 83.5cm / 33in 158cm / 62in 38cm / 14.5in 69.5cm / 27.25in 78cm / 30.7in 76cm / 30in 81cm / 31.75in
14 86cm / 34in 164cm / 64.5in 40cm / 15in 74cm / 29in 81cm / 31.8in 79cm / 31in 84cm / 33in
15 90cm / 35.5in 170cm / 67in 40cm / 15.25in 77cm / 30.25in 84cm / 33in 81cm / 31.75in 86cm / 33.75in
16 94cm / 37in 176cm / 69.25in 41cm / 15.75in 77cm / 30.25in 87cm / 34.2in 84cm / 33in 89cm / 35in
16+ 98cm / 38.5in 184cm / 72.5in 45cm / 16in 82cm / 32.25in 90-98cm / 35.4-38.5in 87cm / 34.75in 92cm / 36.25in


These sizes are approximate and may vary between styles

Girls' school uniform
          HEIGHT CHEST
3 53.5cm / 21in 51cm / 20in 42.5cm / 16.5in 54cm / 21.2in 98cm / 38.5in 53.5cm / 21in
4 55.5cm / 21.75in 52cm / 20.5in 45.5cm / 18in 56cm / 22in 104cm / 41in 55.5cm / 21.75in
5 56cm / 22in 52cm / 20.5in 50cm / 19.5in 58cm / 22.8in 110cm / 43.25in 56cm / 22in
6 58cm / 22.75in 53cm / 21in 53cm / 20.75in 60cm / 23.6in 116cm 45.5in 58cm / 22.75in
7 60cm / 23.5in 54cm / 21.25in 56.5cm / 22.25in 62cm / 24.4in 122cm / 48in 60cm / 23.5in
8 62cm / 24.5in 55cm / 21.5in 60cm / 23.5in 64cm / 25.1in 128cm / 50.5in 62cm / 24.5in
9 65cm / 25.5in 57cm / 22.5in 63.5cm / 25in 66cm / 25.9in 134cm / 52.75in 65cm / 25.5in
10 68cm / 26.75in 59cm / 23.25in 67cm / 26.25in 68cm / 26.7in 140cm / 55in 68cm / 26.75in
11 73cm / 28.75in 61cm / 24in 70.5cm / 27.75in 70cm / 27.5in 146cm / 57.5in 73cm / 28.75in
12 78cm / 30.75in 63cm / 25in 73cm / 28.75in 72cm / 28.3in 152cm / 60in 78cm / 30.75in
13 83cm / 32.5in 65cm / 25.5in 75.5cm / 29.75in 76cm / 29.9in 158cm / 62in 83cm / 32.5in
14 88cm / 34.5in 67cm / 26.25in 78cm / 30.75in 82cm / 32.2in 164cm / 64.5in 88cm / 34.5in
15 93cm / 36.5in 69cm / 27in 78cm / 30.75in 88cm / 34.6in 170cm / 67in 93cm / 36.5in
16 98cm / 38.5in 71cm / 28in 78cm / 30.75in 94cm / 37in 176cm / 69.25in 98cm / 38.5in
16+ 103cm / 40.5in 75cm / 29.5in 78cm / 30.75in 100-112cm / 39.3-44in 182cm / 71.5in

103cm / 40.5in