How to throw the ultimate kids’ Halloween party

Pumpkin sweets for Halloween
Sophie Davis,-Contributing Editor

From spooky decorations to fearsomely fun activities, here’s how to make the most of Halloween this year

As the nights draw in and we get ready for winter, there’s a fun week where we embrace the dark and cold – Halloween and bonfire night. Halloween is a great time to get kids and adults together with plenty of dressing up, activities and games. Here’s how to throw your own Halloween party.

Halloween decorations for the home

Get decorating

Halloween is one of those times of year where you can really be creative. If you’re the kind of person who likes to go all out, it’s time to get your Pinterest board ready. Did you know you can get Halloween wreaths? Balloons? There are lots of props to help you set the scene in your spooky grotto. Use LED candles to add atmosphere, and dangle spider webs from the ceiling. If you’d rather keep things simple, stick to a black, orange and purple colour palette and get the kids to paint big spiders and ghosts to hang up on the walls. And don't forget the all-important trick or treating bucket (this one is felt rather than plastic).

Halloween fancy dress costumes

Sort the costumes

Dressing up is arguably the best bit of Halloween. If you want an outfit the kids will wear more than once, look at our fancy dress offering and go for a fairytale feel like a unicorn, knight or dragon that can be reused for a normal fancy dress party. Better still, if you want to create your own outfit, we stock a range of patterns to help inspire you including this Halloween costume sewing kit. Finally, the Galt Face Painting Kit contains all the colours you need for a skeleton, witch or pumpkin and can be kept to use the rest of the year, too.

Le Creuset pots for Halloween cooking

Cook up a creepy feast

When it comes to food, keep it simple so you can concentrate on enjoying the games and activities. Cook up jacket potatoes and serve with a homemade chilli or beans in a cast-iron pot, then serve with sour cream and cheese to top.  If you’re planning on carving pumpkins, you could roast the insides to make a pumpkin soup to serve with chunks of cheese and bread.

Dip strawberries in melted white chocolate to make ghosts (chocolate chips make great eyes), or serve skeleton biscuits that kids can decorate themselves. Alternatively, fill a chocolate pumpkin with treats as a table centrepiece.

Halloween skeleton biscuits

Fun and games

For younger kids who spook easily, keep it lighthearted. No one wants a meltdown followed by a sleepless night. Read some stories – Room On The Broom or Meg And Mog are perennial favourites – or adapt some party games to give them a Halloween twist: think musical statues to a soundtrack of the Monster Mash, pin the tail on the werewolf, or pass the parcel with a cute bat toy as the prize. 

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