Shine on: the easiest way to bright eyes

how to brighten tired eyes
Cassie Steer,-Beauty Editor

Our pick of the best eye brightener creams to refresh tired eyes

Did you know that the skin around our eyes is ten times thinner than anywhere else on the face? It’s a fact that means this delicate area is more vulnerable to ageing, as well as being the first to show signs of fatigue and dehydration. 

While dark circles and bags can be due to genetics, they’re invariably worse on those days when we’ve skipped our allotted eight hours of sleep, or are feeling particularly stressed. The good news is certain skincare ingredients can go some way to faking a fresh look, as well as helping to disguise that impromptu Netflix binge, thanks to their ability to brighten or increase the skin’s microcirculation. ‘Applying caffeine and peptide-infused products can help to decrease puffiness and rejuvenate the skin around the under eye area, while Vitamin C is generally used to address dark circles,’ says Dr Murad, board certified dermatologist and founder of Murad Skincare.

And when skincare alone isn’t enough, it’s time to hit ‘refresh’ with some makeup trompe l’oeil. Cheating zzzs is so much more than piling on the concealer which can actually be counterproductive by drawing attention to tired eyes. Instead, it’s all about using optical brighteners and clever colour correctors to offset telltale shadows. For example, a yellow or peach-based colour corrector will dial down blue, purple and grey tones around the eyes. When followed with an illuminating concealer and a beige eyeliner in the waterline (a nifty backstage trick to offset redness), eyes will look bright, fresh and wide awake. Finish by curling the lashes for an instant lift and add a touch of light-reflecting power for a well-rested look that will last until bed.

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