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Gilly Ferguson
Gilly Ferguson,-Contributing Editor

The secret to gorgeous, glowing skin? The Tilbury Tap! Makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury reveals her genius new moisture routine 

Ever wondered what the secret is to A-list glowing skin? In a word(s): Charlotte Tilbury – world-famous Hollywood makeup artist, founder, and the brains behind your most treasured beauty buys. Because the chances are you’ve already been bewitched by a Charlotte Tilbury bestseller, or five. 

Charlotte Tilbury knows magnificent makeup. Charlotte Tilbury knows great skin. And now Charlotte Tilbury MBE has launched the new, bound-to-be-a-bestseller Charlotte’s Magic Water Cream – the latest edition to the five-star reviewed, rated and adored Magic Cream dream team

Whether you’re looking to treat your face anew, or want to know the best way to apply your products, consider this the crème de la crème of Charlotte Tilbury skincare in 2023…


How to moisturise: the ‘Tilbury Tap’ facial massage

How To Apply Charlotte's Magic Cream

Step 1: Start from the lower cheeks, sweeping cream out and upwards.

Step 2: Sweep cream acoss forehead.

Step 3: Gently pinch cheekbones with your fingers, smoothing outwards and upwards. Repeat across jawline.

Step 4: ‘Tilbury Tap’ product in!

The key products you need

I always say, ‘You can’t have a beautiful painting without a beautiful canvas,’ and that all starts with a powerhouse skincare routine. No matter where I am, or who I’m getting ready, I always start by prepping the skin

Charlotte Tilbury MBE
Charlotte Tilbury limited-edition kit

Pick up the limited-edition Charlotte Tilbury kit

To celebrate the launch of Charlotte’s Magic Water Cream, Charlotte Tilbury has released a limited-edition skincare kit, available to John Lewis customers for £120 (worth £141), while stocks last. Charlotte’s 4 Magic Steps to Hydrated, Glowing Skin kit includes: 


Travel-Size Glow Toner 30ml


Travel-Size Collagen Superfusion Facial Oil 8ml


Charlotte’s Magic Cream 30ml


Full-Size Magic Serum Crystal Elixir 30ml

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