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Gilly Ferguson,-Contributing Editor

What your skin needs now and next – our expert advice

As we start to clear out cupboards and sort through drawers, now is the perfect time to spring clean the complexion too – replumping and rehydrating fine, crepey lines around the eyes, upping the SPF and polishing the whole face with multitasking moisturisers containing a little extra glow or tint. Here are my top spring skin picks.

Best cleansers

Most skincare experts will recommend changing your facial cleanser depending on the season. In winter opt for milder, more cosseting textures – such as a balm or oil – as the skin’s barrier tends to be compromised. For spring/summer you might want to swap in a foaming or wash-off cleanser, especially one that contains salicylic or glycolic acid to keep pores clear of excess sebum and debris.

Best midway moisturisers

As we peel off the 60 deniers and shrug away a layer or two, our skin also has less need for super heavy creams. You may not be quite ready for gel formulas just yet, so in spring it’s a good idea to go for lighter versions of your favourites.

Say yes to the best SPF

If you’re not already wearing sunscreen, add one in now to stay protected against UV rays every day. I can often be heard raving about Sarah Chapman Skinesis Skin Insurance SPF30 – this broad-spectrum sunscreen can be applied either over or in place of moisturiser, and its light-brown tint gives enough coverage to enable you to skip foundation and proceed directly to concealer.

Always remove SPF thoroughly with a cleansing balm and flannel before bed – spring skin looks best when spick and span.

Best active ingredients

Antioxidants are always a good idea, regardless of the season, especially as UV exposure increases. If the change in temperature is making your skin a little unsettled and blemish-prone, add in a salicylic acid either in the form of a toner or on-the-spot treatment. If post-winter dullness is an issue, AHAs are your go-tos, while retinol remains the number-one ingredient most dermatologists will recommend using all year round.

Best glow-givers

If you’re not quite ready to tan, try a glow-giving balm or booster – used as a moisturising base.

Best eye creams

It’s rare to hear me rave about an eye cream and even rarer to see me empty a whole bottle, but Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Concentrate Matrix Synchronized Multi-Recovery Complex has made me do both. This light, milky balm gives instantly cooling, plumping hydration that keeps the entire eye area – and your make-up – looking even and refreshed all day. Reapply at night and expect to wake without dryness, puffiness or redness.

Best exfoliants

As for the best products to spring clean a dull complexion? We love these dead-cell-removing, pore-purging heroes. Add one to your repertoire and your beauty spring clean is complete.

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