The best smartwatches for your fitness routine

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Ready to dive deep into the world of smartwatches? We've got you

Wearable tech is incredibly sophisticated nowadays. From tracking your heart rate variability (HRV) and blood oxygen levels to giving personalised fitness and recovery plans, as well as being able to track your menstrual cycle using your body temperature, they are so much more than just fitness trackers. 

But, like a lot of popular tech, the market has become crammed full of smartwatches promising to lead us into optimal heath and longevity. But which one is right for your wrist? Here’s our guide to living smarter.

Best for: first timers

Apple smartwatches arguably put the whole smartwatch-but-make-it-stylish on the map, thanks to fashion-forward wearers like Eva Chen and Anna Wintour. And it's the perfect introduction into the world of wearable tech because it's easy to use, easy to wear, easy to get used to.

The Series 9 is powerful and has the brand's strongest backlight yet, so you can see what you're doing even in the brightest of sunlight (handy). It's got state-of-the-art sleep tracking tech, showing you how to improve your sleep habits. Plus it's waterproof; dropproof (pretty much); and it has all of the tech you'd expect from a piece like this, like an accurate step and workout tracker, incredible crash technology (which notifies emergency services); and yes, your blood oxygen levels. Tech never looked so chic. 

Best for: high performers

The Apple Watch Ultra 2 is the perfect addition to your routine if you're a hiker, a cyclist, a swimmer, a runner, and do all of those things regularly and seriously. Climb to new heights (literally) with a watch that truly does it all and is built specifically to enhance performance.

Features that make it durable as it is wearable include a 49mm titanium case (the biggest Apple have ever done) which is also rugged and corrosion resistant, water resistance up to 100m, IP6X dust resistance, a super bright 3,000 nits retina display and more. Get ready to break personal records, dive lower and climb higher with this watch which is honestly the best of its kind. 

Samsung Galaxy Watch Lifestyle Image

Best for: fitness buffs

Garmin has a long history of being one of the most accurate fitness trackers out there. Their technology is second-to-none, and the Forerunner 265S has been hailed as the perfect partner for fitness journeys, whether you're just starting out or know the inside of your local gym better than your own home.

With up to 13 days of battery life, ultra-bright display technology, personalised suggested workouts depending on your fitness levels and goals, SatIQ technology for superior location accuracy – plus the all-important HRV, readiness, sleep tracking, recovery advice and more, this is a true powerhouse of a smartwatch. Ready to (hop, skip, run, swim) dive in? Don't do it without the Garmin Forerunner 265S

Garmin Lily Smart Watch Lifestyle Image

Best for: incredible smart features

If there's a watch that truly does everything and more – but that isn't intimidating – it's Garmin’s Venu 3S. Smarter than smart, it's the perfect addition to your daily life, whether you're aiming to get fitter, sleep better, or just become a little more in touch with what your body is calling out for.

The best feature? That it actually listens to what's going on for you, and you only. This is particularly good if you're a woman who has a four-week cycle and where moods, energy levels and stamina can well and truly fluctuate throughout the month.

This feature monitors your energy levels, body temperature, stress peaks, sleep status and more, giving you personalised information on how best to move your body (or not) that day. For wheelchair users, it has innovative technology that tracks strides instead of steps and gives personalised workout tips depending on your push levels. It's also got in-built speakers (perfect for taking calls), a bright, colourful display, up to 10 days of battery life, Garmin Pay and so much more. For the best all rounder, this is it.

Best for: those who want another kind of wearable tech

Unless you've been living under a rock, you'll have heard about the Oura Ring. A fashion-forward, truly innovative piece of technology that is now sold exclusively at John Lewis in the UK.

The Oura Ring has all of the features you'd expect from wearable tech, and nothing you wouldn't. The first of its kind, it's disguised as an everyday piece of jewellery (and available in gold, silver, black and stealth, which is a sort of brushed grey) and in two different designs.

It tracks your overall health and wellbeing with tiny sensors that are inside the ring, touching your skin. Perfect for tracking steps, sleep, menstrual cycle, activity level, recovery, HRV, stress levels and more, it sends personalised recommendations to the app so that you know how to move on any given day. A pioneer and one that we can see on many hands to come. 

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