New Year’s Eve outfit ideas for men

New Year's Eve outfit ideas for men
India Price,-Menswear Editor

Whether you’re planning on going all out, or just having a night in, make sure you ring in the New Year in style

New Year’s Eve: a night with such potential, but one that so often ends up being a lukewarm affair. This year, pick what you’re going to wear in advance to make sure that at the very least your outfit doesn't disappoint, even if things don’t live up to their lofty expectations. Whether you plan on attending a Gatsby-esque black tie bonanza or intend on keeping things as relaxed and low-key as possible, here are four New Year’s Eve outfit ideas for men, to make sure you’re looking sharp when the bongs start to chime.

What to wear on New Year's Eve for men

A black tie affair

It’s New Year’s Eve, so rise to the occasion and prepare to look your very best. If you’re yet to invest in a tuxedo, go bold and pick a luxurious velvet version in dark green, midnight blue or deep red. Already own the perfect one but want to raise the bar higher for the party of the year? Pick printed accessories to really make a statement. 

The dinner party

A dinner party requires an outfit that perfectly balances the smart and the casual, so for the perfect middle ground, try a deconstructed suit and mix up fabrics, colours and patterns. Pair these with relaxed accessories and a staple knit to keep things on the right side of casual.

What to wear on New Year's Eve

The cocktail party

For a cocktail party, it’s safe to assume that other guests will be more dressed up than usual. Pick a failsafe combination that’s bolder than normal, such as a printed shirt and tailored trousers with an statement overcoat. It’s a tricky balancing act between going all out, but with casual pieces, so for New Year’s Eve, it’s safer to err on the smarter side. 

The night in

The festive period can leave even the most sociable of us on our knees with exhaustion, so by the time New Year’s Eve rolls around a night on the sofa might be exactly what you’re craving. Don’t cave in to the call of your pyjamas yet though, and instead opt for luxurious cashmere basics that’ll make a relaxed night in all the more worth it. 

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