What to wear when working from home

What to wear when working from home
India Price,-Menswear Editor

It’s worth making an effort, even when you’re not leaving the house

Working from home brings many temptations – some easier to resist than others. But when it comes to getting dressed every morning, the desire to throw on the same joggers and matching sweatshirt that you’ve been donning for the last decade can be overwhelming. And while sweatsuits (the right kind, mind you) might be having a comeback, it pays to maintain an air of professionalism even if you’re working from home.

First up, the simple act of getting dressed into something other than what you’ve slept in will immediately shift your mindset from relaxed to productive. The focus should be on pieces that balance form and function; think soft fabrics like jersey or cashmere and smart details like crew necks or collars. A classic crew neck jumper or an on-trend rugby shirt will tick the boxes here. From the waist down go casual, so pick elevated loungewear and stick to it.

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