What to wear if you’re (still) working from home

What to wear when working from home
India Price,-Menswear Editor

We’re in the finishing straight, so make the most of wearing exactly what you want, when you want

It's been more than 365 days since a lot of us shut up shop in the office and headed to the ‘home office’ (read: living room sofa, kitchen table, or bed). At times it’s felt like a slog, but there's no denying that working from home has allowed you to explore new territories when it comes to dressing for work. Pyjamas for a Zoom presentation, anyone?

But as we enter what is (hopefully) the final lockdown push, we're vowing to stop wearing the old joggers, sweatshirts and pyjamas and instead start easing ourselves back into some kind of normality. Think loose-fit trousers, an overshirt worn with a T-shirt, and an actual pair of shoes instead of your socks. Although definitely comfortable, these pieces will help you gently transition out of the non-clothes you've likely been wearing for the last year and get you in gear for the return to the office. Or at least the pub. 


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