In praise of a fashion uniform: how three women approach personal style

Influencers who wear a fashion uniform
Olivia Lidbury,-Fashion Editor

There’s nothing wrong with repeating the same staples – in fact, it can become your style signature. Three bloggers share their go-to looks…

Scroll through Instagram and even if you follow just a handful of style bloggers, it’s almost impossible not to feel overwhelmed. On a platform where clothes act as currency, the desire for newness can leave even the most sensible shopper hankering after a wardrobe overhaul. But there’s a pool of stylish women championing the power of a signature look and an unwavering devotion to hard-working pieces. Behind the filter is real life, of course, and there’s much to be taken from women who have identified formulas that work for them and their busy lifestyles. Proving there’s no shame in regularly sporting the same looks, three Instagrammers detail the pieces they wouldn’t be without.

Julia Rebaudo Instagram

The laid-back jeans lover

Julia Rebaudo, better known to her Instagram followers as Stylonylon, started her blog in 2012 while on maternity leave. She is now devoted to it full-time, using it as a creative outlet to indulge her love of photography, share new finds and occasional outfit posts.

How would you sum up your wardrobe?
It’s simple and easy-going; I’d say it’s primarily comfort-focused. In my twenties I was more of a peacock dresser but now I’ve hit 40 I’m all about stylish comfort.

How has working freelance dictated your style?
I’ve very much fine-tuned the jumper-and-jeans look. Because I’ve been freelance for so long, I’ve fashioned a wardrobe that's halfway between being comfortable, and smart enough to nip out in if I’ve got to rush to a meeting. I’ve got two versions: when it’s warmer I wear high-waisted, wide-leg, rigid denim with a fine jumper tucked in. During winter I love skinnies with a big jumper over the top. Those are essentially my two silhouettes.

Are you as discerning with accessories?
Yes! I’ve got a slight obsession with small, brown bucket bags, which I usually dress my look up with, and in the winter I like to jazz things up with a scarf.

What piece have you fallen for recently?
I’m in love with the Kin fisherman knit – it’s absolute perfection. As soon as I got it I wore it on repeat for a week. It’s just the right weight, it falls at the right points on the leg and has such a flattering but comfortable neckline. 

Debbie Le Instagram

The classic-with-a-twist dresser

Debbie Le, AKA The Fashionable Pan, is a full-time mum to two small children. She started posting outfit shots to Instagram in early 2017 and has attracted almost 30,000 followers who are drawn to her elevated but accessible style.

What’s your fail-safe outfit?
I’m probably best known for my co-ords and suits. They’re such an easy uniform because they’re already matched up and you can play around with adding a t-shirt and trainers or, if you’re going out in the evening, maybe wearing a camisole and some heels.

How did your style change when you became a mum?
I used to work as a fashion buyer and consultant, but completely lost my way when I had my children and gave up work. I came across Instagram and I knew that if I had to do an outfit shot a day, it would force me to rework my wardrobe. Slowly, my confidence has returned along the way.

What advice do you have for those feeling uninspired?
There are so many different avenues to find ideas. Look to Instagram, Pinterest and online magazines, and find an influencer or celebrity who inspires you, because they can educate you on what to put together and how to wear things.

Charlotte Jacklin Instagram

The jumpsuit and midi-dress devotee

Lincoln-based Charlotte Jacklin brightens up her followers’ feeds with her love of ’60s-inspired printed frocks and pastel-hued jumpsuits. Her love of the high street and colour make her feed a thoroughly feminine and inclusive affair.

What are the pieces you couldn’t live without?
I’m all about printed midi dresses and jumpsuits, and not much in-between to be honest. Jumpsuits are generally more casual, and then midi dresses are good if I have to be at a meeting or anywhere in the evening. In the winter I’ll always wear ankle boots and if I’m out somewhere special I can slip a pair of heels on. Easy!

So you wouldn’t ever wear separates?
I’ve got a few co-ords and trouser suits, but I find dresses and jumpsuits are so much easier – and they tend to have pockets. I have less and less time to think about what I’m wearing, so it’s good that I’ve found a signature style that looks quite put together. A dress makes it look like you’ve gone to a lot of effort.

Do you have a winter and a summer version of your look?
I do wear a few pieces all year round, but the rest of it goes on seasonal rotation under my bed. Polo necks are good under dresses and my John Lewis & Partners cardigans are a godsend – the colours are incredible, I love the sage green and bubblegum pink.

Have you always loved colour?
I actually recently found a photo from four years ago where I’m wearing black jeans and a vest, and I thought: ‘I’d never even contemplate wearing that now.’ I like to wear black every now and then, but I’m just so much more drawn to colour and floral prints now. It’s honestly so easy to wear colour.

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