Ready to relax in loungewear all winter? Us too

How to wear loungewear
Editorial Team

Three ways to add loungewear to your wardrobe (including how to wear it out-out)

Winter is here, the glorious bit between Christmas and New Year is around the corner and the days of wearing things that make you uncomfortable are long gone. Let’s embrace loungewear.

The everyday tracksuit

A tracksuit may seem like a thing of the Eighties but when styled the right way, it looks ridiculously chic. The maths is simple: sweatshirt or hoodie, slightly oversized pair of matching tracksuit bottoms, a structured, boxy overcoat plus a pair of everyday trainers. Wear for meetings, errands, walks around the park, weekend hangs and all that good stuff. 

PJs as a suit

You know when you want to keep your pyjamas on rather than getting dressed? Well, now you can. Perfect for anything from office days to festive gatherings or dinners at your best mate’s house, a pair of satin, silk or velvet pyjamas screams effortless cool. 

The WFH wonder

Those of us still working from home realise it’s more productive to make some effort to get dressed for the day, but we personally can’t handle sitting at the home desk in a pair of jeans. If you want to feel put together but still have comfort front of mind, throw on black leggings, a cosy pair of socks and a supersoft cashmere jumper for maximum loungewear points. Finish it with this neat, cropped bomber jacket by Levi’s in a super soft, slinky fabric, and you’ll look effortlessly pulled together should anyone suddenly spring a video call on you during the day.

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