How to create a Christmas Eve box

Christmas Eve box
Maggie Westhead,-Digital Editor

This new family tradition will get Christmas off to a heartwarming start

Whatever age your kids, Christmas Eve is magical and the idea of giving loved ones a container of small, personal gifts to open on the day (or evening) has in recent years become a trend that kids love.

The key ingredients? Hot chocolate, pyjamas, a Christmas book and/or film and a few treats, not forgetting snacks for Santa and his reindeer. Fear not, the contents needn’t be expensive, as you can easily use things you already have such as books, mugs, games and PJs. Follow the steps below – along with our suggestions for fillers for the whole family – to get the most wonderful time of the year off to a perfect start. Note: all of the gifts below could also make excellent stocking fillers.

1. Choose your box

First things first, find a box. Here at John Lewis & Partners we have a range of special gift bags and boxes. Alternatively, you could just upcycle an old box, decorating it with wrapping paper, tinsel or ribbon; or simply create a festive bundle, wrapped in ribbon. Try to give what’s inside an individual touch – root out that special Christmas story you’ve been meaning to read to everyone or add homemade treats. The options are endless.

2. Select your hot chocolate

Making hot chocolate for the family, ideally stacked with marshmallows, is one of life’s sweetest rituals. It’s a good incentive for you to get the wrapping done and dusted early, finish final preparations for Christmas Day in good time and join the kids on the sofa to put your feet up and watch Elf for the 15th time. 

3. Add some festive treats

Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without treats. Whether they’re your homemade mince pies or festive-themed chocolates, a scattering of sweet snacks is perhaps the most important Christmas Eve box filler (we also sell kids’ electric toothbrushes, by the way). Don’t forget snacks for Santa and his reindeer too, so the kids can leave them out in prep for the big arrival.

4. Select cosy PJs

Christmas Eve is a time for the family to come together and join in the collective anticipation of the following day. And if the idea of wearing matchy-matchy pyjamas is a step too close to twee, there are plenty of individual Christmas sleepwear styles for kids that will last way beyond the festive season.

5. Make your feet happy

A cosy night before Christmas calls for cosy feet. If your kids have grown out of their slippers in the past few months, the Christmas Eve box is a great way to reintroduce them. This season, John Lewis & Partners have a range of plush styles – from Rudolf-inspired slippers to lovely llamas – to keep little (and not so little) feet toasty warm.

6. Plan a family night in

One of the best parts of Christmas is spending time with your family doing things you are usually far too busy for, such as board games and puzzles. Whether your preference is for a round of charades or a quick game of Dobble (it’s a fast and fun card game for 2-8 players aged 6 and over), we’ve got a range of family games and puzzles for everyone to enjoy on Christmas Eve and beyond.

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