Get ready in style with a self-care station

dressing table ideas
Jennifer Morgan,-Interiors Editor

Learn how to create a self-care station, and give yourself a dedicated spot where you can prepare your hair and makeup for the day ahead

When did you last take the time to really enjoy the process of getting ready? Offset any negative effects of lockdown by creating a special spot to indulge in a multi-step skincare routine, hone those hair styling techniques you used to rely on your hairdresser for or to master the makeup skills everyone should have in their beauty repertoire (contouring and a feline flick being top of the list). With good light, and enough storage for all your essentials, a dressing table or beauty station can be just the spot for some ‘you time’ as well as the perfect location for trying out the latest beauty and wellness trends.

Perfect your makeup craft at a dressing table

The dressing table has made a comeback, albeit as a piece of dual-purpose furniture that can double as space for your laptop. But perhaps the time has come to reclaim the dressing table purely for beautifying and ‘dressing’ purposes, as you experiment with new techniques and organise your makeup products. Choose a compact design with attached mirror – some take up only the same amount of floorspace as a traditional bedside chest of drawers – and mix and match finishes: try a black wooden design in a room of pale wooden furniture, for example.

dressing table ideas

Organise your beauty and hair tools

Give your messy makeup bag a spring clean. Go through and bin anything that you no longer wear – your new at-home look might mean more nudes than brights, although a red lipstick is always an instant pick-me-up. Wash and dry your brushes and look on the back of any open product – you should find a shelf-life of around 6-12 months. Discard anything that’s past that.

Once your makeup kit is looking a little healthier, treat yourself to a new bag or caddy to sit on top of your dressing table or fit neatly into one of the drawers. Give your hairbrushes and straighteners some TLC too, washing bristles, untangling cables and organising. Don’t forget to sort out your hair products while you’re at it.

dressing table ideas

Think compact solutions

If you always blowdry your hair in front of your floor-standing mirror, then look for a small stool, where you can sit in comfort to style your locks. Try to get in the habit of tidying away hairdryers once they’ve cooled down, and returning brushes to drawers. A stool will also fit neatly under your dressing table when not in use (and makes a great additional seat that can be taken downstairs for entertaining and family moments). Take a tip from your hairdresser and stash your kit in a trolley, which can be wheeled away into a wardrobe after use. 

dressing table ideas

Make it a nice place to be

Above all, this is your moment of self care, so create a space that fills you with calm. Add a scented candle or faux flowers. Use trinket trays or bowls to make jewellery more accessible (and contain the endless hair bobbles and clips). Think of how you can conceal your kit, too – a tall vase can house a hairbrush, a bowl can look great filled with your favourite lipsticks, while a tumbler can store brushes and mascara. Make this a pleasant space to be – try listening to an uplifting playlist or even give a mini mediation a go while you get ready to embrace the day.  

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