Transform your living room with an accent chair

Colourful armchairs in a living room
Jennifer Morgan,-Interiors Editor

From soft velvet to wonderful weaves, an accent chair can instantly refresh your living space 

Does your lounge need a style boost? You’ve got the colour, the cushions and statement wallpaper, so what else can you add to finish off your look and make it personal to you? How about an accent chair?

Elizabeth Sladen, Partner & Buyer, Upholstery is a big fan of the accent piece. ‘A great accent chair is all about a strong silhouette – a contrasting shape that makes a real style statement next to the rest of your furniture,’ she says.

If you’re hunting for your own standout chair, here are the new fabrics, shapes and styles to look out for.

Start with a standout shape

‘Shop for a shape that contrasts with the rest of your furniture for a real statement,’ advises Elizabeth. ‘That could be a rounded cocoon style with an angular sofa or something with wooden arms against a more relaxed sofa. If you’re looking for a standout piece, then be brave and go for a bold colour or pattern.’

You don’t need to worry about compromising on comfort to make your style statement. ‘You can absolutely have both,’ says Elizabeth. ‘You should be able to cosy up with a cup of tea, whatever your style taste.’

When it comes to price, there’s something to suit every pocket, with accent chairs in our ANYDAY brand starting from just £199, with all the quality and design credentials you’d expect.

Accent chairs neutral

Neutral can make a statement too

An accent chair shouldn’t jar with your scheme – it’s there to lend a pop of colour or texture, providing a visual stop-and-pause moment as your eye takes in the room. There is nothing stopping you plumping for a neutral – just make sure it has something to say or ehances the scheme. Look for wooden arms, an interesting shape or fabric, or textured fabric. You can always add a hero cushion to make it visually pop, or place your chair on a fabulous rug. 

Be as bold as you like

Always fancied a red velvet sofa? Perhaps something more retro? Accent chairs are a great way to trial new colours or shapes in your space. And because they work just as well in the bedroom or a corner of your dining space, they are a flexible addition too.

If you’re feeling creative and want to customise your own accent chair, check out the Design Your Own feature, available on most of John Lewis & Partners’ chairs. ‘We have more than 200 fabrics to choose from – whether you want grey cotton or pink velvet, we will have the fabric for you,’ explains Elizabeth. ‘And you can order a free fabric swatch first.’

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