Heritage Revival
Eleanor Cording-Booth,-Interiors Editor

Go bold as the Heritage Revival trend brings rich hues and archive prints to your home

Are you after a look that combines the richness of the past with the contemporary feel of modern design? Then the Heritage Revival trend is for you. Putting an eclectic and contemporary spin on traditional patterns and prints, it combines statement wallpapers, dark wood, brass and texture-focused fabrics to impressive effect. The result? A luxurious, characterful home where you’ll feel both inspired and comforted. 

Our Home Design Studio has explored the John Lewis & Partners’ archives for inspiration, discovering designs rich in history that were crying out to be refreshed and reworked. The resulting boldly printed wallpaper is a particular standout. ‘We’ve developed five archival wallpaper designs for spring/summer 2021 and all take inspiration from the 1800s and early 1900s.’ says Naomi Barber, Partner & Designer, Home Design Studio, ‘Each design has been redrawn and painted to create new colourways and reimagine them for the modern day.’

Bravery is key to getting the best from this trend, so instead of wallpapering a chimney breast, cover the whole room and paint the woodwork in a contrasting shade that highlights the colours within the print. That’s the joy of decorating with print and pattern – it automatically informs your colour scheme. Naomi notes that ‘for this trend, we’ve focused on various shades of green, with metallic highlights in some of the designs for a luxe finish, plus shades of terracotta and dusty rose to add warmth.’

Inspiration drawn from history can be seen throughout the collection - from vibrant and richly textured velvets to turned bobbin table legs and smart brass accents. With Heritage Revival, more is more, so layer it up with confidence.  

Our archive is such a unique and invaluable resource for us in the studio. I go through hundreds of heritage designs, looking for a layout to inspire us or a motif that sparks the imagination

Naomi Barber,-Partner & Designer, Home Design Studio
maximalist dining room

Familiar colours and prints are growing in importance as they draw on the appeal of nostalgia and a return to the comforting things we know

Melanie Archer,-Partner & Designer, Home Design Studio
Heritage Revival


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