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Jennifer Morgan,-Interiors Editor

Here’s what the latest lighting trends hold in store this autumn – don’t get left in the dark

The right lighting can really make or break a scheme – from ambient lighting, which adds atmosphere, task lighting where you need it most, and accent lighting to highlight features, furniture or artwork. ‘A great lighting scheme doesn’t rely on just one light source,’ says Amy Jones of Greta-Mae Interior Design, ‘rather it will cleverly combine ambient, task and accent lighting to create a layered effect.’ For more hints and tips, read our buyer’s guide to lighting. 

So what’s exciting when it comes to lighting? Take a look at our favourite lighting trends…

JL&P desk lamps

Task lights that stand out

Look out for statement desk lights that are certainly not shy or inconspicous. With more and more of us fitting in desk or home-working spaces into our living areas, task lighting that not only works hard but looks stylish is a growing trend.

Go for the iconic Anglepoise, which has recently been joined by the Type 80, and the new Berry Red Mini Mini 90, both exclusive to John Lewis & Partners until January 2020. Designed by Sir Kenneth Grange, in this his 90th year, the Type 80 is a new design classic. ‘With the Type 80 the visual attraction of light spilling onto the shade outer surface aims to make the iconic even more distinguished,’ says Sir Kenneth, while the Mini Mini is ideal for a compact desk.

And once you’ve logged off that laptop, ‘Try changing your task lighting into mood lighting by adjusting the head source to direct towards a wall,’ suggests Molly Baker, Partner & Assistant Buyer, Lighting.

JL&P overhead lighting

Round and round orb designs

If you’re looking for a great mid-century inspired light, then look for an orb design. ‘One will create a really nice effect in a room,’ says Molly, ‘giving a soft, diffused light.’ Choose from single or multiple orbs – either of which make a dramatic statement.

But what’s new and exciting at John Lewis & Partners, is the way the lighting team have made their orb designs different to what else is out there. ‘We’ve added black brass accents and double-layer glass,’ explains July Lin, Partner & Designer, Home Design Studio, ‘which really taps into that mid-century vibe that’s so now.’

JL&P floor lamps

Eye-catching floor lamps

‘Give a room impact with a great statement floor lamp,’ says Katherine MItchell, Partner & Buyer, Lighting. ‘The latest designs can really add personality to a corner and make a great talking point.’ Current trends see pieces that almost defy gravity, as shapes balance precariously on top of each other. ‘At the big lighting shows, there was so much inspiration, especially when it came to floor lamps – don’t miss our tripod and stacked designs, which are really exciting and also show what you can do with LEDs,’ says Katherine. 

‘We’re also recognising more and more houses are fitted with spotlights, so a statement lamp provides a great solution to illuminate the room and create softer, more ambient light, without the need for an electrician,’ says Molly. ‘Our arc lamps are great for space-saving too, as one can easily fit behind a sofa or chair, as well as being perfect for homes with low ceiling height.’

Floor lamps and overhead lighting

FSC wood in lighting

‘In line with macro trends for sustainability, we’re getting increasing awareness of where products come from and the eco credentials of the materials used to make them,’ explains July. ‘The FSC accreditation of our wood products guarantees peace of mind to our customers – that these items have met the requirements of the Forest Stewardship Council, which takes care of the forests and the people and wildlife who call them home. 

‘This season, we have a launched a new FSC lighting range, which has some amazing ceiling, table, wall and floor lamps to choose from.’

floor lamps, wall lamps and desk lamps

New metallics to covet

Move over copper, there are a few new finishes to look out for. Brass is a great choice for an eclectic old-meets-new vibe, while brushed steel lends a more modern feel. ‘We’re seing an increased appetite for mixed metals within one product too,’ explains July. ‘This makes our lights more versatile as they can fit into different interior styles.’

‘Choose from antique brass, which gives a more traditional country-house feel, polished metal, which creates a light and airy aesthetic and brushed metal finishes, which offer a soft sophistication. These can have a variety of finshes, from a textured sheen through to black nickel, which is both masculine and modern,’ says Molly.

sculptural lighting

Striking LED lighting show

Saving up to 90% energy, LED lighting can also offer shapes and designs that would have been unobtainable with traditional fittings. ‘LED lighting is a great way to create bold, statement pieces within a room,’ explains July. ‘LED light strips enables us to create more organic and sculptured shapes.’

‘These LED “sculptures”, can also be dimmable, which allows you to tailor the light to create the desired ambience in your space,‘ adds Molly.

Nature lamps

Designer lights to lust after

Maybe it’s a nod to maximalism, or perhaps our love of the unusual and statment, but designer lighting brand Seletti will certainly inject a sense of fun into any room. ‘As a brand, Seletti offers both innovation and originality,’ says Katherine. ‘Designed in Italy, its range fuses art and daily life icons in a way that’s lighthearted and fun, while still remaining functional.’

‘This season, we’ve worked collaboratively to develop and exclusively launch its Polly Parrot as one of our Christmas Gifts of Wonder,’ adds Molly. But if you’re looking for something more refined and sophisticated, then take a look at our range of designer lighting from Tom Dixon and Tom Raffield.’

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