This is how a fashion editor shops the sales

Sales shopping guide
Gilly Ferguson,-Contributing Editor

From sizing up to borrowing from the boys…

Sales shopping, it’s for the early birds, the planners, the full-time bargain hunters and the tech-obsessed.

Only – what if we told you that there’s an easier way to navigate the sales – with actually useful guides to shopping smart (minus the queues and the early starts). And it starts with fashion.

Do invest in wardrobe classics. Don’t rule out off-season staples. Do check sizing – and don’t size down for ‘future you’. If in doubt, do size up (a good tailor can alter anything to fit). Don’t buy something just because it’s in the sale. Do read this in the style of Baz Luhrmann. Don’t chase trends. Do shop next season, now. Do set a budget.

1. Look for quality fabrics

Sales are a great opportunity to invest in the best (of what you can afford) for less, be it 100% silk, linen, leather or (decadent) cashmere

This suits-all-seasons wool is far smarter than you may think. Not only does cashmere help our skin to regulate temperature, in both hot and cold climates (shout out to all those thermally insulating fibres) but it feels undeniably luxe – an instant perk-me-up on Mondays, meh days and every mood in between.

2. Clever coats

Coats can make – or break – an outfit, and there’s no denying that they can be an investment. The cure? Find your forever style in the sales. The most timeless cover-ups come cocooned in shape, trench in cut or quilted in texture – in black, beige or earthy neutrals.

3. Borrow from the boys

Head to the men’s section to look for quality basics like T-shirts and shirts – an oversized white T-shirt never dates, and utilitarian overshirts (we love Kin and Cahartt WIP) look great layered under winter coats.

4. Accessorise all areas

Accessories should be your first port of call. If you buy one thing in the sales (Nespresso machine aside), make it a bag.

Why? One, you’ll never lose money on a bag and can always resell it. And two, while our clothing size may change over time, our hand-to-bag-handle size is fixed for life. Throw in a purse (practical, right?) and some sunglasses and you’ve basically won at sales shopping.

5. Posh PJs

Didn’t get given a pair of posh PJs for your birthday or Christmas? Panic not, sales season is the perfect way to justify your buy (or treat someone else).

Made for hibernating in, the best pyjamas are crafted from longer-lasting organic cotton to keep you comfy 24/7/365.

6. The ‘carpe diem’ buy

Sure, sales shopping should be sensible (no one enjoys post-shoppers’ remorse) but, having said that…

Now is the time to treat yourself to the feelgood, why-the-hell-not buy. It’s in the sale, it’s in your size, it’s nothing if not fate.

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