Spring cleaning tips for a home you can relax in

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Smart tech and expert hacks to make your life easier

When the urge to declutter takes over: seize it. Follow our step-by-step guide and discover an unbeatable range of spring cleaning heroes online and in store. Let the smart tools do the hard work – saving you time and effort.

You’re going to want to carve out some time to spring clean. Don’t leave it to 5pm on a Friday afternoon, only to have plans an hour later and for the rest of that weekend. Start small – we’re talking small small. Dispose of receipts, boxes and bits of paper you won’t need again. Pair up the socks, put away the hair ties strewn across the floor. Micro jobs lead to macro results. 

If you don’t have the budget for new cupboards and other bits of furniture to help make your home more organised, stock up on small but mighty things such as organisers that make use of empty undershelf space and storage baskets. When it comes to clothes, a good rule of thumb is that if you haven’t worn it for this season and the last, it’s got to go. Pass it on and let it have a new life in someone else’s wardrobe

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Smart tech cleaning ideas

Remember, there are parts of your home that need and deserve a proper deep clean at this time of year. Your washing machine, oven and microwave need to be cleaned at 90 degrees; descale your iron and kettle; sofas and any standalone furniture can be pulled out so that the floor and walls surrounding them can be properly cleaned. And for that little extra help, the right cleaning tools are essential. Miele, Dyson and Shark are all popular for a reason. 

The days of lugging around a bulky vacuum are gone, thankfully. Pick the right vacuum cleaner for your needs…

Or join the robot hoover revolution and get ready to have your life transformed. The Samsung Jet Bot Robot Vacuum Cleaner has an LiDAR Sensor to accurately track and help it increase ground coverage, so more of your home gets cleaned. Or we’ve got the new Dyson 360 Vis Nav Robot Vacuum Cleaner – you know the name and the reputation, and this powerhouse doesn’t disappoint.

How to keep your home tidy

Now you’ve finished the spring cleaning, take a moment to straighten things out. Plump up the cushions, empty the bins, change your bedding, put underlay beneath your rugs – small changes like these will give your home a proper refresh and get you falling back in love with it.

There are clever ways to keep your place tidier in the long term and to save you time. Get an attractive shoe rack that doubles as a bench, put washing-up tools in a sink tidy (this will help keep them cleaner as well as looking nice) and install a freestanding slim bathroom cupboard where the spare toiletries and towels can live.

Keeping floors clean needn’t be back-breaking – the Oxo Upright Sweep Set has teeth in the dustpan to clean the brush, and a flexible lip means no dust or dirt on the floor gets missed. Make savvy electrical purchases like Samsung’s ceramic microwave – its antibacterial and scratch-resistant interior is made to last. And save on elbow grease with the Neff Built-In Electric Self Cleaning Single Oven, which has a ‘slide and hide’ door (easier to clean) as well as two self-cleaning options. Yes, please.

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