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This is where we bring you the latest and greatest from the kitchen, from on-trend kit to innovative takes on a classic tool

Salad gadgets

Warm weather calls for light alfresco dining and no-fuss preparation. And with these handy kitchen gadgets, your salad days are only just beginning

Take salads for a spin

Step away from the soggy lettuce: salad spinning just reached new heights. This nifty spinner dries your salad and herbs to perfection, while the non-slip base doubles up as a salad bowl

OXO Good Grips Little Salad and Herb Spinner

Make it snippy

What could be easier than chopping your salad ingredients directly in the bowl? These salad scissors make that a reality, and with rounded blades they won't damage your tableware. Simple, effective, and strangely satisfying

Oxo Good Grips Chopped Salad Scissors

Oxo Good Grips Chopped Salad Scissors

Chop, chop

Dice salad ingredients without the need to brush up on your knife skills. With this all in one chopper, fruit and veg are prepped in one easy (and safe) motion. Bye-bye, onion tears

OXO Good Grips Easy Pour Veg Chopper

Do the twist

Spiralizing is an easy way of packing more of the good stuff into your meals. Transform vegetables with a simple twist, and marvel at the almost endless possibilities of veg noodles and curly fries

OXO Good Grips Hand-Held Spiralizer

OXO Good Grips Hand-Held Spiralizer

Dress it up

Liven up salads with a homemade dressing. The twist-activated propeller in this ingenious gadget makes mixing dressings a breeze. You can even serve and store them in the same bottle

OXO Twist and Pour Salad Dressing Mixer


Barbecue gadgets

Barbecue lovers rejoice: this edition we bring you a whole host of useful gadgets so you can prep and cook alfresco with style

Tender loving care

Side-step the dreaded pitfall of dry, tough meat with this durable aluminium meat tenderiser. Use the flat side for cooking up escalopes or the dimpled side for tenderising, the choice is up to the chef

John Lewis Meat Tenderiser

Is it done yet?

One of the most daunting parts about cooking and barbecuing is to know when meat is cooked safely. Leave your worries behind with this stainless steel meat thermometer with an easy-to-read dial

John Lewis Stainless Steel Meat Thermometer

John Lewis Stainless Steel Meat Thermometer

Stack happy

Preparing succulent vegetable or meat kebabs on the barbecue is made easy with these reusable chrome-plated skewers. Your alfresco utensil set wouldn’t be complete without them

John Lewis Skewers Pack of 4


Egg gadgets

How do you like yours? Coddlers and scramblers rejoice: this edition is all about the egg. We're showcasing our favourite yolky kit, including an egg splat-ula and a squegg – square egg – pan

It's cool to be square

If you've ever had the uncomfortable experience of seeing your fried egg flap over the edges of your toast, this is the pan for you: voilà, flat-edged eggs that fit satisfyingly onto slices

Eaziglide Neverstick2 Square Egg Pan

Perfect your poach

No matter how many foolproof methods exist – from salting the boiling water to stirring it exactly 3.5 times anticlockwise – poaching an egg can still go wrong. These little pouches get it right every time

Eddingtons Silicone Egg Poachers

Eddingtons Silicone Egg Poachers

Time for a coddle

Coddling is perhaps the greatest of all egg-making methods. It's very similar to poaching, with one big advantage: you can add extra ingredients as it cooks, from cheese or asparagus to simple seasoning

John Lewis Egg Coddler

Right on time

Cop this timer in with your eggs, and as they boil, it'll show you their cooking progress, for ideal soft, medium and hard boiled results

Eddingtons Egg Perfect Egg Timer

Eddingtons Egg Perfect Egg Timer