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We’re celebrating the launch of our 2017 Christmas advert Moz The Monster by recreating the last six years of our festive films in miniature form. And we could think of no better way to do it than through the king of Christmas gifts… You guessed it: LEGO

We’ve teamed up with professional LEGO building company Bright Bricks to construct the scenes. With a room-sized replica of Wembley Stadium and a 12-metre Lego Christmas tree in the middle of St Pancras under their belts, we were certain they’d do a brilliant job.


Moz The Monster

This is the story of a little boy called Joe, who can’t sleep at night because of a rather noisy monster who lives underneath his bed and makesan awful racket snoring every night. The two quickly form a friendship and play together every night, but staying up so late starts to take itstoll on Joe. Luckily on Christmas Day he receives the perfect gift to help him get some much-needed rest.


Buster The Boxer

This is the story of a little girl called Bridget who loves to bounce. When her mum and dad buy her a trampoline for Christmas, they soon discover that she isn’t the only one with a passion for jumping.


Man on the Moon

2015’s ad was in collaboration with Age UK, and all about showing someone they’re loved at Christmas time. Lily’s quest to make sure the man on the moon doesn’t feel alone never fails to give us goose bumps – and so a simple (but time consuming!) scene of him with his special gift felt like the perfect representation.


Monty the Penguin

Given that 2014’s advert had Monty helping out with a little LEGO building, this one felt like a match made in heaven.

We chose the most heart warming – not to mention cutest – moment to recreate in brick form: when Monty meets his mate on Christmas morning.

Sorry, we think we might have something in our eye…


The Bear and The Hare

Bright Bricks voted The Bear and the Hare as their favourite John Lewis ad to date – maybe it’s something to do with all the adorable animals…

Thisparticular recreation used the most bricks of all – 2400 – which kind of makes sense when you’re building a big brown bear and huge woodland Christmas tree.


The Journey

Winter woollies: they’re festive favourites – and not just for humans.

We wanted to capture the sentiment behind the snowman’s epic journey across mountain, motorway and mad shoppers, so we chose the final scene of his return on Christmas morning, armed with lovely red accessories.


See for yourself

We’ll be displaying all of the builds at our Oxford Street shop from Monday 20th November so be sure to pop by to see them when you’re shopping for gifts.