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Give your old LEGO® bricks a new life

LEGO Replay is an easy-to-use programme that helps you declutter and donate your old bricks. Your donations will be transformed to provide playful learning opportunities for children across the UK. Together, we can make sure no brick goes to waste.

Ready to send your bricks on a new adventure?

What happens to your bricks?

After receiving your old bricks, we sort them and transform them into new items such as storage boxes for toys! We then fill these boxes with LEGO bricks before our charity partner, In Kind Direct, delivers them to local schools and charities to help inspire play and creativity.

Questions? See our FAQ below

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What happens to your bricks

How does it work?

Box it

Print it

Ship it

What we accept

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  • LEGO System, DUPLO and Technic™ Bricks and Elements from single or multiple sets
  • LEGO Minifigures and Mini-dolls (no need to disassemble)
  • LEGO Baseplate
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Not Currently Accepted:

  • Non-LEGO bricks, elements, or toys
  • LEGO sets that are already fully or partially built including Technic™ and Mindstorms™
  • Batteries or electronic components including those which are LEGO branded
  • LEGO and non-LEGO branded merchandise and all non-brick items including apparel, storage containers, and backpacks.
  • Building instructions or packaging

How does it work?

Begin your donation and review our requirements.

Donate now

Prepare your gift

Prepare your bricks

Choose LEGO bricks or elements you’d like to donate (take apart built sets to the best of your ability) and securely box them up.

Create your label

Create your label

Download and print your free shipping label and attach it to the box.

Ship youir parcel

Drop your parcel off

Drop your parcel off at your local DPD drop-off point.

We sort your donation

We sort your donation

Once we receive your donation, we will sort it and get it ready for its new life.

Your old bricks are transformed

Your old bricks are transformed

We reimagine your bricks and turn them into supplies for schools and charities.



Once new items are created, we donate them to schools and charities across the UK.


Why are you doing LEGO Replay?

LEGO owners know that LEGO bricks can last for generations, and we want to make sure no brick goes to waste. That’s why we’re really pleased that the majority of LEGO owners pass their bricks onto friends and family. But for any UK families that don’t know what to do with their bricks, we are introducing LEGO Replay to help breathe new life into old bricks by transforming them into useful items that inspire playful learning. These items will be donated to schools and other charities through our UK charity partner, In Kind Direct.

What if LEGO Replay isn't available in my country?

We hope to expand to other countries soon. In the meantime, please consider passing on your bricks to local charity shops, friends, or family.

Do I need to clean my bricks before I donate?

Thank you for the offer but no, you don’t. We will be sorting and cleaning the bricks before we transform them into new items.

I'd like to donate other toys. How can I do this?

That’s awesome! Please contact a local charity directly to see what they can accept. 

Where can I ship from?

You can ship your box from any DPD Drop Off Point across England, Scotland and Wales. Northern Ireland will be joining the pilot very soon and we will share details of the freepost service for Northern Ireland in the coming weeks. 

What if the set I want to donate is missing pieces or the building instructions?

Thanks for checking but don’t worry! We don’t actually donate full sets with precise building instructions. The donated bricks are transformed into new items to inspire playful learning.  

What do the kids receive?

They get new items like storage boxes that can be filled with toys. The storage boxes will be filled with LEGO bricks before our charity partner, In Kind Direct, delivers them to local schools and charities to help inspire play and creativity.