Introducing modern rarity: Iain Ewing, Womenswear Design Manager,  talks about the inspiration behind  our new womenswear brand
Introducing modern rarity: Iain Ewing, Womenswear Design Manager,  talks about the inspiration behind  our new womenswear brand

When we pulled together the initial concept we referenced the influential German product designer Dieter Rams. He was against adding detail for the sake of it and believed everything should be there for a reason. It’s about having beauty, but quite simplistic beauty. This really resonated with our design team. We scrutinised every piece and if it didn’t meet those principles, it didn’t make the cut.

The process began  two years ago.

It’s taken so long because we really wanted to get it right. We put a great deal of research into the manufacturers and the fabrics as we wanted to use the absolute best for each product category. It was important to get all the other elements right too, for example; the naming, the photography, the packaging. Everything on this brand was considered from beginning to end.

Why the name  modern rarity?

We wanted to create something that felt quite precious - that’s where the ‘rarity’ part came from. We wanted something that people could buy, keep and wear again and again.
It’s a very modern range and a modern way of dressing.

Introducing these pieces to your wardrobe is easy.

The great thing about this collection is that the garments are so versatile. There are pieces that you could wear casually - some of the cashmere is perfect to wear with jeans and boots at the weekend. There are amazing silk pieces you could wear to work, fabulous dresses for a more formal function; we’ve even added some sparkly sequin pieces that you could wear out in the evening. Nothing should jar. It’s very soft, it’s very wearable and it’s effortlessly elegant.

The collaboration  with palmer//harding   is exciting.

They’re ex-Central St. Martins students and rising stars in the UK fashion world. They had been on our radar for quite a while and we were looking for an opportunity to work with them. There are so many synergies between what they stand for and what Modern Rarity stands for. We thought they would be perfect to do something for this brand. The shirts we have made with them are beautiful; the design, the cut and quality is amazing.

There are some  lovely  print pieces.

The team visited the John Lewis archive in Cookham which houses a vast catalogue of original prints.
We selected some beautiful designs and adapted them to fit with the brand. We thought it was really important to have that sense of heritage, so it has a real reference point to the John Lewis brand.

Iain’s favourite pieces

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