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School uniform

Our school uniform is market-leading thanks to the ingenious designs, extra protection on the fabrics and clever finishing touches.

Each piece is designed to last, look great and make maintenance easy.

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Teflon clothing

fabric protection

Plant-based and renewably sourced, Teflon® EcoElite fabric protector is an invisible force field that helps protect our clothing from spills, stains, blemishes and everyday messy mishaps children encounter. Stains and spills clean up quickly and easily, fabrics retain their colour and quality so they look better and last longer.

Look out for the Teflon® EcoElite fabric protector logo on our school uniform product pages. Any product featuring this logo is easy to clean and easy to care for.

Shop John Lewis School Uniform Children's shoes

Durable Footwear

Shoes can look old before their time when they belong to children who are constantly running, climbing, jumping and kicking balls. Crafted from premium full grain leather, our school shoes remain uncoated, making them breathable, strong and durable. Micro-fresh insoles help keep the shoes fresher for longer.

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Reinforced seams
& knees

In addition to reinforced seams, our school trousers now feature hidden patches to the inside of knees, adding strength and reducing the risk of ripping.

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Children's shoe

Easy-iron shirts & blouses

The blended polyester in this range delivers an easy iron solution for your weekly wash. The fabric prevents creasing, helping them keep their school uniform looking smarter for longer

Shop Girls' Blouses Shop Boys' Shirts Pleated dress

Permanent pleats

Our school skirts and tunics feature permanent pleats, keeping them as sharp as their very first wear.

Shop Girls' School Skirts Cotton clothing

100% Cotton

Our 100% cotton collection is kinder on the skin of those suffering with allergies.

Shop Girls' School Uniform Shop Boys' School Uniform Adjustable waist trousers

Adjustable Waists

Our trousers, shorts and skirts come with adjustable waists – perfect for growth spurts and extra comfortable for active kids.

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