Create the look


Never had the home been so contemporary as in the 50s and 60s, and perhaps nowhere best showcases the style than Palm Springs. Inspired by that Californian style, our updated Scandi theme gives you the chance to create your very own slice of the design icon in your home

The look

The heart of this season's Scandi theme is all about soft sculptural lines, decorative accessories and bold colours. It celebrates the best of retro style alongside current, with a mix of design classics and new pieces allowing vintage and modern to work in tandem.

west elm Mid-Century Bedside Table

Wood features heavily in the Scandi-via-Palm Springs home - especially oak and darker finishes - but don’t feel that you have to clad your walls in wood to achieve the look. Wooden furniture with rounded shapes give a nod to the mid-century style, while mixing it with glass, brass and ceramic elevates the look to new heights.

Drawing on features from Scandinavian design, the overall look is characterised by objectsthat are both aesthetically pleasing and functional, with a mix of materials making for a home that both looks good and, importantly, can be lived in. Think carefree with a large pinch of quirky.

Rich greens and blues ranging from soft to jewel tones offer a real pop of colour, while retro shades in citrusy yellow and orange really draw the eye to intricate details and objects. For a real vintage vibe, choose mustard and ochre in cushions and throws.

Colour doesn’t have to be restricted to your accessories, though. Furniture offers another opportunity to add a splash of colour, with the truly iconic Robin Day armchair in flame orange seemingly made for the Palm Springs home.

Colour Palette

The backdrop of the Scandi interior is mainly white with pale to mid washes of colour on walls and floors. This neutral base means your decorative furnishings and accessories can shine in bold, playful hues.

Robin Day Polypropylene Armchair


Decorative accessories are a key focus in the Palm Springs take on Scandi, and provide the perfect opportunity to add a splash of colour if you can’t take the plunge with paints or papers.

west elm Mid-Century Wide Bookshelf

Furniture is a heady mix of materials and organic lines, with cosy, rounded shapes for that lived-in feel.

Classic pieces should evoke the enduring style of the mid century, with comfy sofas and armchairs in timeless designs offering a place to relax in the effortlessly liveable Scandi home.

Continuing with the woody theme, shelves, side chairs, cabinets and coffee tables comprise natural finishes in softly sculpted shapes with sleek finishes in metal or glass.

For statement lighting, the dining room is the perfect place for bold mid-century shades. Geometric patterns and mid-century style pendant lampshades look striking above a dining table, while an arched floor lamp in stainless steel is equally distinctive thanks to its elegant mid-century sophistication.


Desk lamps are the perfect addition to show your decorative accessories in their best light. The retro design of the Anglepoise lamp exuberates the sleek lines that are so fundamental to the Palm Springs look, and have the added bonus of providing another burst of vibrant colour.

Flos Tatou Pendant, Large

Finishing Touches

Decorative accessories are a key focus in Palm Springs, and provide the perfect opportunity to add a splash of colour if you can’t take the plunge with paints or papers.

Accessories should have a playful side, with a mix of materials and textures in glass, ceramic and metallic. An eclectic combination of curious objects and quirky accent pieces make a real statement, while glazed animal ceramics in eye-catching colours creating an interesting focal point.

Plants should also feature in your Palm Springs interior, whether that’s a decorative display in an elaborate vase, a leafy planter on the wall, or your very own cactus standing in a colourful ceramic pot.

The walls are a blank canvas for yet more playful accessories with personality. A wooden starburst wall clock continues a key style in Palm Springs, and sits neatly alongside shelving units adorned with all sorts of colourful curiosities.