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How to keep your smart devices safer

Read about the new security guidelines designed to protect your home tech

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Is your home cyber-attack safe?

Let’s face it, the last thing we want to think about when treating ourselves to a new TV,  smart watch or speaker system is security. But as technology gets ever smarter, we need to be safety savvy. Which is where PSTI steps up.

What is PSTI?

The Product Security Telecommunications Infrastructure (PSTI) Act is a dynamic new set of regulations ensuring product security remains bang up to date as smart technologies get even smarter.

These new regulations help keep tabs on the ever-evolving and emerging technology industry – it gives smart tech manufacturers stringent guidelines to follow, and helps them to focus on putting consumer cyber-safety first.

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3 ways the new law makes your smart home more secure:

  1. It requires every device sold to now have a unique password rather than a generic default one – this alleviates the worry of cyber criminals hacking any new device as soon as it connects to your network
  2. It requires the manufacturer to provide a direct point of contact – meaning they can quickly resolve any bugs or security issues that you report to them
  3. You’ll be told upfront what the minimum lifespan of security cover from the manufacturer is for any new device – so you’ll know from the point of purchase exactly how long you can safely use it for
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What devices are PSTI regulated?

Starting on 29 April 2024, any product you buy from us that connects to the internet or your home network, usually via WiFi, will be compliant. Think ‘hi-tech’ devices (smart speakers, fitness trackers and security cameras) and standard household items you can control through an app (fridges, kettles and washing machines).

This doesn’t mean that anything bought before this date is unsafe or non-compliant – it’s simply an example of future product regulation created to help give UK customers extra peace of mind.

Keeping your smart home safe

Don’t worry, we can help you keep your smart home products and electricals safe and secure.
With a little help from the National Cyber Security Centre, we’ve created these handy guidelines to keep your devices protected.

  • Always install the latest software and app updates
    This way your devices will always remain ahead of the cyber attack curve
  • Create strong passwords for your devices and accounts
    A combination of 3 random words is advised – the more unpredictable, the better
  • If you can, always go for two-step verification
    This adds an extra layer of privacy and security – so as well as including a username and password, there’s a second coded step to make sure it’s definitely you
  • If in doubt, contact the brand
    If you want to make sure a product you own is PSTI compliant, we’d advise you to get in touch with the brand directly

Want to find out more about smart home safety?

Check out the National Cyber Security Centre website