Tried and tested: The Bugaboo Butterfly: the perfect city buggy to rival them all?
India Price,-Contributing Editor

Whether you’re an expectant parent or just looking to upgrade your buggy game, the Butterfly from Bugaboo should definitely be on your list…

As a new parent, navigating the world of things you ‘need’ versus those that you definitely don’t can be overwhelming. The buggy, however, is not something to fall short on: getting it right is essential. And as a city-dweller, a lot of boxes need to be ticked. Is it small and compact without being flimsy? Will it fit in a cab / the tube / a crowded bus? Will it get me over cobbled streets without waking up my baby? And will I need to take my bag, or can everything I need fit underneath? These are the questions to ask. 

And when it comes to the Bugaboo Butterfly, I can answer them. 

What is it?

The Bugaboo Butterfly was released in June this year and is hailed by the brand as their ‘one-second-fold pushchair for travels near and far’. It’s light, super user friendly and incredibly compact when folded. Bugaboo is undoubtedly one of the most well-known baby brands out there, so trust in their name is huge.

Why do you need it?

I have an 8-month-old baby and I’ve already had to buy two buggies. I won’t name names, but the first one we bought – although it looks fabulous – is just way too large for me to wheel around on public transport on my own. It’s a properly hefty piece of kit which, although it has its benefits, just isn’t practical for everyday life in the city. The second is one that you’ll see everywhere in every city. It’s small and compact and definitely serves a purpose but its flimsiness irks me every single time I use it.

The Butterfly, however, is the perfect hybrid between the two. It’s nifty, light, and folds up tightly enough to fit in an overhead locker on the plane or train (an essential tick on the checklist), but when you’re wheeling your precious cargo around in it you don’t feel as if it’s going to buckle or break at any moment. 

How does it look?

Like everything Bugaboo put their name to, it’s a good looking piece of kit. The Butterfly comes in three colours (black, dark blue and khaki green), and all three are beautifully timeless shades that you’ll love for years.

There’s no wasted space either, no bulky frame or pointless pockets and every single millimetre has been thought out. There’s an extendable leg rest which you can hide away until your little one is big enough, the rain cover actually works and isn’t just a rock solid piece of plastic, the straps properly hold your baby in, and the chassis is slick, smooth and modern.

What about its functionality?

When you’re a parent trying to deal with traffic, public transport, people and animals – not to mention the tiny human that you’re wheeling around – proper functionality of a buggy is essential. Let’s start with that one-second fold. Yes, it really does take one second, with a single button, to fold and unfold it. It truly is that simple and what’s more, you can genuinely do it with one hand. It’s the first buggy I’ve come across where this claim is actually legitimate.

Next, the seat. My baby is fairly average-sized but in both of the other buggies we have, she looks tiny. She flails about in them and never really looks that comfortable, to be honest. The Butterfly, however, truly feels like it’s been made bespoke for her. The belts, the buckle, the size of the seat and its padding are made incredibly well, so she looks comfy. The extendable sun canopy has UPF50+ protection – when fully extended it covers her entire body, right down to her toes. The wheels are smooth and really don’t rattle around, especially when on an uneven surface – an essential for naps on the fly. 

The metrics that matter
Clock Emoji
Time-saving factor The actual one-second fold is not to be sniffed at. It’s really quick and really easy
House emoji
How much space does it save?A lot. In the car, in your living room, on the plane. If you’re trying to save room, this is the buggy for you – even if you don’t fold it up when you get home
Money bag emoji
Value for moneyThis buggy isn’t cheap, but it sits at a lower price point than its biggest competitor and I think it’s actually worth more
Is it worth it?

In a word: yes. Buggies are expensive and you don’t want to get yourself into a situation (like I did) where you end up needing multiples because you were too lazy to do proper research. Take this review as your cue to invest in the Butterfly, which I now see as the perfect hybrid between a large and bulky buggy that works well in the countryside and a more compact bit of kit fit for city dwellers. This is the middle ground piece that parents have been waiting for. 

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