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On trial: Tefal Pure Tex Capacity Handheld Clothes Steamer

Holly Rains,-Senior Editor

It steams! It sanitises! It removes creases! It adds fragrance! Can your iron do all of that?

Surprise! I hate ironing. The skill of deftly guiding a hot plate over clothing to create crease-free magic has always eluded me. It’s probably why I chose a career that didn’t involve wearing a suit. Or shirt. Or anything vaguely smart.

Turns out, as much as you try to run away from smart/casual, your wardrobe just isn’t complete without a few good shirts. And ideally, they’re going to be crease free. You could stick to using GHDs to give your shirt collars and cuffs a 180°C onceover, or you could upgrade to something superior – a steamer.

What is it?

The Tefal Pure Tex is not just a regular steamer, it’s a four-in-one powerhouse that offers more than just crease removal. Along with its de-creasing prowess, this versatile handheld steamer can sanitise clothes and fabrics naturally (perfect if you have kids and pets) and de-lint, as well as having the innovative option of fragrancing your clothes with your favourite scent. Ideal if you want to get a few more wears out of your outfits before you have to wash them or take them to the dry cleaner.


Is the steamer easy to use?

After spending many a day on the set of fashion shoots, I know the importance of a good steamer. The unsung hero of the fashion world, they’re a stylist’s best friend for a reason. This model is simple to use, thanks to the magnetic pads that can be swapped out depending on which mode you need (sanitise, fragrance, clean or decrease).

After you’ve filled the tank with water, it takes just 25 seconds to heat up, and has a helpful steam boost button, meaning it even works on heavier fabrics or textiles. I tried the boost function on my curtains before adding a few spritzes of perfume (Diptyque Philosykos for those enquiring) to the little ‘Monparfum’ insert that slots into the steam-bonnet magnetic pad, and not only did the curtains emerge crease-free, but the whole living room smelt amazing.

The metrics that matter
Safe for delicatesPart of my iron aversion is due to the fact they can ruin clothes. The Tefal Pure Tex ensures stress-free steaming thanks to the inclusion of a steam-bonnet pad, which is safe for delicate, non-ironable fabrics, plus it’s drip-free.
InnovativeSpritzing perfume onto your clothes before you leave the house is great and all, but by imbuing your clothes with a potent mix of steam and fragrance while you de-crease, you can really make the scent last.
PortableThis isn’t the lightest handheld steamer on the market, but it works really well, even on thicker fabrics (hello, steam boost function). The fact it also sanitises and de-lints makes this far more versatile and effective than a travel iron.

Is it better to steam or iron clothes?

If you’re a dedicated suit and shirt type of person, and are an expert at creating ironed-on trouser creases, a steamer is not for you. A steamer is a faster, more versatile appliance that will give you great results on a range of clothes – from delicate fabrics through to cotton coats and jersey jumpers. Plus, you don’t need an ironing board to make it work, so it’s perfect if you don’t have a lot of storage space.

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