This year’s best wellness podcasts

best wellness podcasts
Samantha Simmonds,-Digital Writer

From eating for your genes to building a business, these podcasts will help you live your best life this autumn

With so much information and so many opinions around, it can be tricky to figure out what’s what in health and wellness. The first step? Finding expert guidance you can trust. With International Podcast Day taking place on 30th September, we’re celebrating some of our favourite wellness podcasters. They won’t just keep your finger on the pulse – they’ll introduce you to the pioneers, help you sort fact from fiction and arm you with practical tips that will make a difference to your life now.

Choose an episode on a topic that speaks to you or pick one at random. It might just be the inspiration you never knew you needed. ‘Long form, authentic conversation cuts through our fast paced, soundbite filled, character limited digital world,’ adds Dr Rupy Aujla of The Doctor's Kitchen. ‘I find the process of recording podcasts quite therapeutic, and I imagine that the stripped back platform of no-frills audio is almost meditative for the listener too.’

1. Feel Better, Live More with Dr Rangan Chatterjee

Dr Rangan Chatterjee, author of bestselling books The Stress Solution, The 4 Pillar Plan and Feel Better in 5, is the GP we all wish we had. Speaking with experts and personalities ranging from scientists to ultrarunners, he takes us on a 360 degree deep-dive into the things that make a real difference to our daily health and wellbeing, spanning food, movement, connection and rest. Touching on everything from mindset to gut health, breathing to parenting, Feel Better. Live More dishes up a blend of inspirational insights and practical takeaways to give us a new view on the lives we live now.

2. The Food Medic

Confused about what you should and shouldn’t be eating? NHS doctor and registered nutritionist Dr Hazel Wallace, aka The Food Medic digs into the latest science on health and nutrition, speaking with leading experts to help us bust the myths and start eating for optimal health. But it’s not all lentils and chia seeds – Hazel also tackles topics ranging from pregnancy and strength training to impostor syndrome and the female brain. ‘I want to offer people the opportunity to be a “fly on the wall” to unscripted conversations with people who they may not normally get to chat or listen to,’ Hazel explains. Ever wondered if you can really die of a broken heart? Here are the answers. 

3. The Joe Wicks Podcast

The Body Coach has teamed up with BBC Radio 4 to bring you ‘sunshine in a podcast’. In The Joe Wickes Podcast, Joe chats to inspirational personalities ranging from Headspace founder and former monk Andy Puddicombe to Homeland star David Harewood, documentary maker Louis Theroux and cyclist Mark Cavendish, on a mission to uncover the one thing that makes life better for them. Packed with tips and insights and delivered in Joe’s inimitable style, this is a must-listen, whether you’re a die-hard Body Coach devotee or you’re yet to try one of Joe’s legendary home workouts.

4. Fit & Fearless

Hosted by #GirlGains crew Tally Rye, Zanna van Dijk and Victoria Niamh Spence, BBC Radio 5 live’s Fit & Fearless podcast serves up a relatable, down-to-earth take on all things fitness, nutrition and body confidence, covering everything from twerking yourself fit to exercise and grief. Want to learn how to train through the menopause or make your workout more mindful? Hit subscribe.

5. On Purpose with Jay Shetty

British purpose coach and author of Think Like a Monk, Jay Shetty is on a mission ‘to make wisdom go viral’. Designed to help find peace and purpose in your relationships, career and everyday life, On Purpose combines life lessons learned from Jay’s years as a Buddhist monk with insightful discussions with everyone from A-list actors to athletes and neuroscientists.

6. Deliciously Ella

Plant-based pioneer and author of six best-selling vegan cookbooks, Ella Mills explores the realities of building a business and a brand while staying positive in an ever-changing world, delving into the world of physical and mental health with leading neuroscientists, nutritionists, dermatologists and more. The Deliciously Ella podcast is full of practical ideas to help you reframe your thinking, embrace challenge and find balance. It's also a great place to find out more about the benefits of pivoting towards a plant-based diet.

7. The Doctor’s Kitchen

NHS doctor and author of The Doctor’s Kitchen, Rupy Aujla believes in using food and lifestyle as medicine to help us lead happier, healthier lives. The Doctor’s Kitchen podcast is full of insights from doctors, researchers, dietitians and wellness influencers – from Henry Firth and Ian Theasby (better known as the BOSH! Boys) to Richie Bostock (The Breath Guy). Each episode is packed with practical tips and hints to help you decode and digest your health and nutrition dilemmas. Learn how to eat for your genes or reverse the ageing process – and expand your culinary repertoire while you’re at it.

8. The Power Hour

Motivational speaker, coach and Adidas global ambassador Adrienne London launched The Power Hour to investigate what you could do if you dedicated just one hour each day to improving yourself and your life. She quizzes change makers and innovators (think entrepreneurs, business coaches, singer-songwriters and even bakers) on their daily habits, routines, rules to live by and life lessons. Need a shot of inspiration to write that book, start that business, run that marathon or just take ownership of your day? Find it here.

9. The Rich Roll Podcast

With the help of some of the most forward-thinking minds in health, fitness, nutrition, art, entertainment, entrepreneurship and spirituality, plant-powered lawyer-turned-influencer and ultrarunner Rich Roll aims to help you unlock your best self. He’s spoken to everyone, from Russell Brand talking about what is truly real, to yogi and musician Guru Singh on death and loss. If you’re ready to dig a little deeper, you’ll find plenty of food for thought here.

10. The Marie Forleo Podcast

Thought leader, business coach, and author of Everything Is Figureoutable, the indomitable Marie Forleo speaks with guests ranging from holocaust survivor Dr Edith Eva Eger to Hollywood voice coach Roger Love on The Marie Forleo Podcast. Expect a megadose of Marie’s trademark ‘relentless positivity’ with strategies that you can apply to your life that will turbocharge your motivation, encourage success and boost fulfilment. Find out why peace is the new success, the keys to kickstarting creativity and how to nurture a friendship that lasts.

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