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Daily moments that matter with Spencer Matthews

Spencer Matthews
Hannah Verdier,-Writer

From cold showers to hoarding chopsticks and the reason he doesn’t go out any more – the TV star, podcaster and entrepreneur shares a day in his life 

Made In Chelsea alumnus Spencer Matthews has come a long way during his 11 years in the public eye. The 34-year-old met his wife, model Vogue Williams, when they were both competing on Channel 4 reality show The Jump in early 2017 and they got married in June 2018. They live in Chelsea (obvs) and have three children – Theodore, four, Gigi, two, and baby Otto, who was born in April.

With a young family keeping him busy, a new podcast to launch plus various other business interests (more on all that later), just how does Spencer make it work? We made it our business to find out… 

What are the first three things you do when you wake up?
I’m usually woken up by my daughter, Gigi, screaming for Dad and that can start as early as 3am. We’re trying to get her to remain in her room, but often she ends up joining us. I know it should be wrong, but we love it! 

Once I get up, I have a double espresso straight away and then I shower. It’s piping hot, but then I’ll turn it down to freezing for 15 seconds. That’s a tip I learnt from [sports promoter] Eddie Hearn, who I think got it from Wim Hof. I can’t say it’s benefited me in any way, but it does wake you up properly. So that’s fun, particularly when my wife forgets to turn it back from freezing and jumps in the shower afterwards. 

Then I head off to the gym three times a week to lift weights because I’ve been strength training for the past few years.

What’s your most used emoji?
The crying-laughing face. I mostly use my phone for emails and calls, but on WhatsApp I’m fuelled by humour.

What’s your healthiest habit?
Not drinking alcohol is easily the healthiest habit I have. If you can drink it in moderation then great, but for me the health impact of giving up was almost unfathomable. My entire life completely changed. Not only did I change physically – becoming faster, stronger, healthier and fitter – but I found I became more alert, more intrigued and more empathetic. It was a real shift for me.

I eat whatever I like, but I make sure I’m very active so I walk places rather than taking taxis. If you can walk for half an hour a day, you definitely should. Being out in the fresh air is essential. I absolutely love what I do, but I have to take that break.

What's the weirdest utensil in your kitchen drawer? 
It’s full of chopsticks. We order a lot of sushi and because both Vogue and I eat quite a lot they always assume there are four of us, so they send excessive chopsticks. We now have quite the collection and needn’t be sent any more, if anyone from Deliveroo is reading this. 

Spencer Matthews

What does an average day at home look like for you?
It’s lovely to spend time with the kids. Vogue and I very rarely go out. Boring is the wrong word, but we enjoy each other’s company so we try to make time to date each other. We’re comfortable at home, so we’ll cook or get a takeaway. We don’t do the family thing as much as we should – we don’t cook dinner and all sit down together. Vogue and I rush around doing our thing and then we convene at 6pm. We’ll put the kids down together and read them stories, then have the evening to ourselves.

What’s for lunch?
It varies, because I’m not a creature of habit so I can’t eat the same thing every day. A really good sandwich is tough to beat. I love lasagne and pizza, but I wouldn’t have that for lunch all the time. I’ll go for a poke bowl.

What’s the unhealthiest thing we’d find in your kitchen?
Chocolate. We eat a brick of Cadbury’s every day. If you open our fridge, we have eight or nine bars because we stock up every week when we do our supermarket order. We’re very heavy on chocolate in this house.

What would you save if your house was on fire?
My watch collection, without a doubt. I’ve been obsessed with watches since I was seven years old and started collecting them as soon as I started earning money. I absolutely love them. I’ve got… a few. Not hundreds! But I’ve built it up over 20 years.

Where’s your happy place?
Anywhere I’m with my wife and kids. Because we’re a bit all over the place in terms of our commitments, when we’re together I definitely feel my happiest. We miss each other even if we’re apart for a day or two. I’m happy when my wife is happy – I know that’s a cliche, but it’s true.

What’s on your bedside table?
A framed photo of my girls. Vogue definitely has more stuff than me, but she’s alarmingly tidy to the point that if my jacket is left neatly over a chair I’m deemed to be terribly messy. The place always looks spick and span, never cluttered.

Vogue and I miss each other even if we’re apart for a day or two. I’m happy when my wife is happy – I know that’s a cliche, but it’s true

Spencer Matthews,-TV star, podcaster and entrepreneur

Do you have any sleep rituals?
I’ve always slept fine. If something needs immediate attention at work I probably won’t sleep as well as when things are slightly smoother. Generally, I sleep pretty deeply and if I get woken up I’ll go straight back to sleep. I’ve been flying all over America recently with CleanCo [Spencer’s non-alcoholic spirits brand] and I’ve been in different time zones, but I can fall asleep upright!

What would you spend £50 on?
Crikey. Is that an offer? I’d need to look around first, but maybe a nice T-shirt. I go shopping twice a year and get everything I need.

Big Fish with Spencer Matthews is available now on Global Player and wherever you get your podcasts 

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