Best workout kit to add to your wardrobe

Winter workout kit for men
India Price,-Writer

Fresh gear is always a good idea

Whether you’re getting ready to run your first 5k, prepping for a marathon or committing to hit the gym once a week before summer rolls around, we’ve got the best sports clothing you need to look good doing it.

Best technical kit for winter runs

We know, we know. It’s so tempting to stay on the sofa during the colder months, but getting outside and setting yourself realistic running goals will do you the world of good. Pick clothing with high-spec technical properties – Adidas, Ronhill and Under Armour are all great – to regulate body temperature while still protecting you from the inevitable rain, wind and cold. 

Best clothes for at-home workouts

Get your kit right, and you might get more out of your at-home workout. Keep it simple by choosing neutral tones that you can wear in the park come springtime and remember that practicality is key: choose lightweight fabrics that’ll combat sweat without causing overheating, such as cotton, bamboo and polyester blends. Chuck on a new-season hoodie to beat the chill while you do your cooldown stretches. 

Best equipment for at-home workouts

If you’re keen to stick to your fitness goals but struggle to find the motivation to head out during winter's coldest days, pick up pieces that’ll help you work out at home – we’re talking yoga mats, grip trainers and the right headphones.

The smallest bits of kit are often the ones that can really elevate your exercise routine. Anything to make us more likely to just keep. On. Moving. Right?

Best clothes for skiing and snowboarding

If you’re planning to indulge in the ultimate winter workout with a spot of skiing or snowboarding then proper kit is a must. Obviously make sure it’s warm and breathable, but remember: layers are everything. Get prepped and ready with some must-have pieces.

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