Google Nest Learning Thermostat, 3rd Generation

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GoogleNest Learning Thermostat, 3rd Generation

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Product description

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Nest’s sleeker and thinner Learning Thermostat will slash your energy bill and boost your Smart Home credentials. Since 2011, Nest has helped save over 4 billion kWh of energy in homes around the world, and this supremely sophisticated Thermostat can work wonders for you too. This device gets to know you, and adjusts energy usage accordingly, so you only use what you need and get a stylish home accessory to boot. All the features, such as the new Farsight display, will stun you with their bill-busting, hyper-intuitive results.

Moulds Around Your Lifestyle
This cunning bit of kit automatically adjusts energy use to your routine. As you turn the temperature up and down, it gradually learns your schedule and creates one for you. Furthermore, the Auto-Away function tinkers with the temperature after you’ve left the house. It even automatically turns off the hot water if you’re away for a few days.

It Sees You Coming
With the new Farsight feature, Nest’s Thermostat lights up when you’re near and shows the time or temperature you’ve set from across the room. This way you can keep track from a distance.

Hot Water Control
Keep on top of your hot water usage, and give it a boost before you step in the shower.

Control Your Thermostat With The Nest App
Download Nest’s app on to your laptop or mobile (iOS, Android) to change the temperature and hot water use from anywhere. Whether it from your sofa or from work, this remote control gives you absolute power over your home.

Save More With Advanced Modulation
The third generation of the Nest Thermostat uses OpenTherm Technology to modulate your compatible, high-efficiency condensing boiler. This advanced tech can drive down your energy bill even more.

Use With Nest Protect
Not only can the Nest Thermostat help save your money, it can keep your home safe from deadly carbon monoxide leaks with the Nest Protect (sold separately). If the Protect detects the gas, it can tell the Thermostat to turn off the boiler – a leading cause of CO leaks.

Pair It With The Stand
The perfect partner for your new Smart Thermostat is Nest’s specially-designed stand. We stock it luckily, take a look here


Is Your Home Compatible?
This works in most homes, but it’s worth double-checking that yours is here

Nest Pro Install
If you’d like this to be installed by one of Nest’s expert, find a local pro here

Product specification
Packaged: H16.7 x W16.6 x D10.7cm. Unpackaged: H8.4 x W8.4 x D3.2cm
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