John Lewis Mountain Trees Pattern Metallic Gin Glass, 700ml, Blue/Silver

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John Lewis Mountain Trees Pattern Metallic Gin Glass, 700ml, Blue/Silver

John Lewis Mountain Trees Pattern Metallic Gin Glass, 700ml, Blue/Silver

Product description

Product code: 68386208

This colourful gin glass has a metallic mountain trees pattern that beautifully catches the light. It's part of an electroplated range that includes matching cocktail glasses, flutes and tumblers.

The wide bowl allows for the aromatic blending and infusing of gin, ice, mixers and citrus garnishes, while the long stem helps the glass stay chilled.

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Glass comes in a range of weights, cuts and clarity and we have a wide selection for you to choose from, designed to suit every budget and occasion.

Soda LimeVersatile and available in many colours and styles, soda lime glass is perfect for everyday use. Its ingredients are made up primarily of sand, soda ash and lime which are scientifically measured to ensure that the finished piece is exactly as desired. Soda lime is used in machine made and handmade items.
Crystal GlassFiner in quality with greater clarity than soda glass, crystal is ideal for both every day and special occasions. Crystal Glass is superior to Soda Lime Glass in quality and allows for a finer cut rim instead of rounded or rolled edges.
Lead CrystalWith a beautiful clarity, weight and resonance, lead crystal is a quality choice. To be called 'Lead', the glass has at least 24% lead oxide in its composition. Lead Crystal was traditionally used for cutting as it was often produced with a thicker wall. This glassware is to be handwashed, only.
Sparkx®Neither Soda Lime Glass nor Crystal Glass, this ultra-clear glass is pure, transparent and free of heavy metals. Plus it is resistant to attrition caused by dishwashers.
SON.hyx® This is high-tech crystal glass with all the same ingredients as Crystal Glass but also some extra properties that make it even stronger, with a better clarity. SON.hyx is more resistant to attrition from dishwashers than ordinary Crystal Glass and even Sparkx®.
LUXION®100% lead-free crystal glass which replaces its former 24% lead crystal composition. It has ultra-clear transparency and exceptional resistance to dishwasher detergents whilst retaining its strength and durability. This glassware type is also 100% recyclable.
RecycledGlassware which has been recycled is handmade and reuses otherwise wasted glass.
Tempered Tempered glass is heat resistant to withstand high temperatures and the tempering process makes it durable and stronger than Soda Lime Glass.
HandmadeThis type of glassware is either handblown or mouthblown. Handmade glass can be produced in any of the glass materials listed above, depending on the quality required and capabilities of the manufacturer. Both types of glassware are usually suitable for use in the dishwasher and any occasion.
DecorativeThere are many ways to decorate glass including cutting, spraying, diamond etching, pantograph etching, silk screen printing, sand blasting, hand painting and even adding Swarovski Crystals. Such techniques can be applied to any glass material.

Part of our Snow Mountain theme

This theme is inspired by the Scottish Highlands, its mountain creatures, wildlife and dramatic snowy landscapes. This theme is dominated by whites with warm neutrals, soft blue tones and silver.

Product specification
John Lewis
Christmas Theme
Snow Mountain
Country of Origin
H22 x Dia.9.5cm
Dishwasher Safe
No - Hand wash only
Exclusive to John Lewis
Glass Type
Gin Glasses
Soda lime glass