Buy LG GSL761PZXV American-Style 70/30 Freestanding Fridge Freezer, A+ Energy Rating, 90cm Wide, Non-Plumbed Water and Ice Dispenser, Shiny Steel Online at

LG GSL761PZXV American-Style 70/30 Freestanding Fridge Freezer, A+ Energy Rating, 90cm Wide, Non-Plumbed Water and Ice Dispenser, Shiny Steel

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H179cm x W91.2cm x D73.8cm

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Ideal for large homes, the LG GSL761PZXV American Style Fridge Freezer will solve every one of your refrigeration quandaries. Boasting more than 600 litres of usable space, this massive model will easily store all of your families groceries for weeks at a time.

With a sharp stainless steel finish and a A+ energy rating, this model will look good without breaking the bank when your power bill arrives. 

This LG refrigerator operates with a self sufficient plumbing system, allowing you to install it anywhere in your kitchen with no unsightly hoses, no need for a filter and without the need for a plumber. Simply fill the tank provided with more, less often with the generous 3.5 litre tank or insert a standard 2L bottle to generate chilled water and ice.

The GSL761PZXV also has frost free functionality that maintains a constant flow of cold air through the appliance, preventing the build up of ice and frost on the inside of the freezer. This save you the time and hassle it takes to manually defrost your freezer.

The Fresh 0-Zone is a specialised space for food preservation at an optimal temperature range. It has a front cover that isolates the space, maintaining a lower temperature than other shelves in the fridge compartment. Also, the Fresh 0-Zone has minimal temperature fluctuations to ensure your food is kept fresher for longer.

This model also features internal LED Lighting, so you can always clearly see the contents of your fridge at any time of day.

The GSL761PZXV has LG Smart Diagnosis which uses the latest technology to instantly troubleshoot your problems and answer your queries swiftly and conveniently.

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